Sussex Healthcare Is Now Hiring, The Sky Is The Limit

Sussex Healthcare, a leader in long-term care facilities, is now hiring. The company has undergone many recent improvements and is looking for great people to join its team. Even if you’re inexperienced, there’s a spot for those who are interested in learning new career skills, with unlimited growth potential. The field of healthcare is rewarding in many ways.

With skills that are always in demand, you’ll earn top pay, and even get paid to learn. Touching the lives of others’ is also part of the package. Knowing you can brighten a day or make someone smile when they feel ill can be an invaluable gift. This article will highlight some of the career options currently available and will also provide you with an insight of the many great benefits of working for Sussex Healthcare.


While there are many positions currently open, the highest demand is in nursing and care assisting positions. With many different types of patients being cared for, there’s a discipline for everyone. Dementia care, eldercare, neurological care, care for those with multiple learning disabilities, and end-of-life care are a sampling of the types of patients served by their many facilities. Sussex Healthcare is the leading home care facility in UK. Positions in both East and West Sussex locations are available, so you’ll have a great job while still being close to home.

There have also been improvements in the leadership team at Sussex Healthcare. The new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor has made it her mission to build an excellent executive staff according to She comes from a nursing background, having worked as a mental health nurse. Moving up the ladder in her 30 years of experience, she’s served in many leadership roles. As a managing director, quality director, and as a service improvement expert, she knows what it takes to make a great team. She’s taken the initiative to appoint new executives, who are dedicated to improving the business.

With all the new and exciting happenings, it’s a great time to get started with Sussex Healthcare. Before you know it, you’ll be in a great career with great pay and limitless opportunity for growth. The Sussex Healthcare Talent Network is a great place to get started. Search the job openings, locations, requirements, and how to apply. You can even sign up for alerts, which will keep you updated on any new opportunities that match your profile. With just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, you can get started on the road to your new future.

Check out Sussex Healthcare’s current openings online at today.

The Facts About NewsWatch TV Reviews: Best Marketing Choice?

With endless marketing possibilities today, we decided to review one popular choice. For those curious, NewsWatch TV is a national TV show that airs across numerous U.S. networks. It spreads over 95 million viewers, including every major city in the country. They have a remarkable social media influence with professional presentations. This is clearly a massive opportunity for potential clients.


NewsWatch was established more than a quarter-century ago and has been a behemoth in the sector ever since. Supporting large clients including: Ford, Sony, Google and more. Even America’s favorite entertainers and celebrities applaud them. Appearing in the past year were Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt. Critically acclaimed, they have won many prestigious accolades including the Telly and Marcom awards.

With over 75 years of production experience, finished work is done by an in-house team right outside Washington, D.C. They use cutting-edge production and editing technology, which we absolutely loved. They work jointly with patrons and provide scripts and edits, making each video perfect (HD 1080p) before hitting hundreds of thousand screens.


Pricing depends on the goals companies have. NewsWatch transmits programs to a 95+ million people network, or clusters of networks. Campaigns are unique, resulting in different prices. Many similar publicity opportunities start at $20-30 thousand, while NewsWatch is a fraction of the price. Partly due to absorbing most airing fees that keeps content relevant and entertaining to fans. It’s extremely affordable for most businesses from small to fortune 500 companies, however startups can find this taxing.

Reviewing ROI grants a picture of past profit. Ockel, a Danish company, came close to half a million dollars during their Indiegogo campaign. “It was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding was successful. We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team,” said the Marketing Director.

Musical Pairings, an app company, had so many downloads they needed to pull out of the app store to revamp their app and keep up with traffic. Many more companies saw success with the marketing platform.

Final Decision

NewsWatch is a well-known reputable television show, and a great marketing strategy for most companies. The investment is more affordable than other plan, and results of past clients speaks for themselves. Collectively, we give NewsWatch a 9.2 out of 10, the downside being smaller companies unable to manage this, but NewsWatch makes this project friendly and a great value for almost every company’s marketing dollar.

About NewsWatch

Since it’s 1989 debut, NewsWatch TV has aired more than 1000 episodes on more than 200 markets in the U.S. The 30-minute weekly Television show airs on AMC and ION Network. The award winning TV program showcases celebrity interviews, consumer news, mobile app reviews, PSAs, and much more.

Catch NewsWatch Mondays at 7am on AMC Network.