How Waiakea Compares in a World Where Water is Not Equal

One thing that people are going to realize very early in their lives is that there are different qualities of water. This goes beyond the water found in the tap and water found in the mud. However, people used to not know that bottled water was not always good. AS the internet released more information about bottled water, more people began to know what can happen when they drink the wrong types of water. They have also been given information on what to look for in water. One of the different types of water to look at are the ones that have electrolytes.


High quality brands of water like Waiakea are the types of water to drink 8 glasses of day from. This is the type of water that is meant to be consumed all day. There is one major factor that makes Waiakea water one of the types of water that should be consumed above all of the others. One of the factors is the pH level. If the water has a low pH level, then it is acidic. One of the problems with acidic water is that it can leave people vulnerable to cancer. It is more important than ever to make sure that the type of water that is consumed is least balanced.


One of the frustrating and unfortunate issues that people have to face is that when they look for water, they are most likely going to find something that is acidic. However, there are certain types of water brands that are closer to alkaline. As a matter of fact, some of the stores put the premium alkaline types of water.  Some of the stores have premium waters in its own section so that people will have an easier time picking out the water. Some of the brands even have the pH level listed on the bottle.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco – Influential Brazilian Business Leader

Currently Chairman of the Board, Banco Bradesco SA, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a graduate of the University of São Paulo, where he obtained a postgraduate degree in Social Psychology. Mr. Trabuco is a honored member of the World Economic Forum (“The Forum”), which was established in 1971 and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The Forum draws on the education, background and experience of leaders from around the world in the arenas of business and politics. Their actions are impartial and independent, with no ties to particular special interest groups. As stated on the World Economic Forum website, their mission can be summarized as follows: “We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.”

Born October 6, 1951, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has fulfilled a “walk of life” that has brought him notoriety in his home country of Brazil as well as influence globally. Mr. Trabuco started his career at the age of seventeen as a clerk at Banco Bradesco. Rising through the ranks over the next fifteen years, he eventually became Marketing Director. Under his leadership, the bank modernized its communication strategies and formed closer ties with media entities.


After serving in this management capacity for eight years, in 1992 Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Vida e Providência (an independent subsidiary of the bank that concentrated on private pension). Mr. Trabuco was appointed as Managing Director of Banco Bradesco in 1998. In 1999 he was elected to be Executive Vice President of the bank. By 2003, Mr. Trabuco had moved up to take on the position of President of Bradesco Seguros, a business conglomerate containing eight other companies. Luiz Carlos Trabuco became Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bradesco in October of 2017. Bradesco is the second largest bank in Brazil.

It is no wonder that Mr. Trabuco was invited to become a member of the prestigious and influential World Economic Forum. He was named as one of the 100 most influential Brazilians in 2009 and was deemed to be one of the best CEOs in Brazil in 2016 by Forbes magazine.