Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Partners With ClassDojo To Create A Critical Thinking App And Launch A World-Ready Generation Of Ethical Problem-Solvers

Elon Musk, the founder, product architect and CEO of Tesla, is also the creator and launcher of his own innovative, modern and non-traditional educational system. The CEO and parent is now aligning his efforts with the widely applied ClassDojo software system, already in place in K-8 classrooms across the U.S.

ClassDojo with its mission to build community within the classroom, by interweaving parents, teachers and kids into the process of learning, is a positive and enriching platform that allows teachers to track kids’ work. Meanwhile, student-users can proudly display and share their most memorable classroom moments with their families.

Now, with Classdojo’s help, Elon Musk is creating an app that will help younger students, by engaging their critical faculties and assisting them in the development of crucial ethical and moral dilemma-solving capabilities, tools which Musk believes’ to be imperative for a generation that will face heretofore unforeseen challenges, such as how to best fit artificial intelligence into the mainstream of our lives.

The new app is set to pose ethics-specific conondrums, which are not the usual scholastic fare. By posing real-life questions to young students via the app, Musk proposes to institute ground up change in the classroom. Yet, with ClassDojos eye-appealing packaging and colorful animation, the questions remain non-threatening, kid-friendly, and therefore part of the positive culture that is the mantra of ClassDojo.

The pairing works well. One question that speaks to the larger issue of property rights, uses a visually appealing cartoon, asking kids to imagine a scenario where a dinosaur has appeared on someone’s land. Who does the find actually belong to is the open-ended question, posed by the app. Colorful balloons instruct kid-users to listen, decide and reflect.

Although the conundrums are firstly exercises in critical thinking, they are also tools to explore communication skills as well. Students are reminded of the need to be respectful of others opinions, to stay open-minded and understand that there is no one right answer to any of the posed conundrums. It might be said that Elon Musk and ClassDojo are not only creating an app, but launching world-ready students.

Roseann Bennett’s Rise To The Top


Using a sound code of ethics to fuel her drive, Roseann Bennett employed her entrepreneurial inclinations to pioneer her nonprofit mental health agency, the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett’s inspiration for the Center for Assessment and Treatment was to arm all individuals with a safe and affordable outlet for mental care. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett is well versed in her vocation. Unfortunately, her many years of industry experience opened Bennett’s eyes to one startling reality: the wait for mental care treatment spanned anywhere from six to nine months.


Wholly disheartened by this unacceptable revelation, Roseann Bennett vowed to reshape the mental health care landscape by instituting a much-needed change. The Center for Assessment and Treatment strives to expedite the process, ensuring that everyone is afforded the help they require. What’s more, Bennett felt compelled to formulate an organization that catered to individuals from all walks of life. From the penniless to the opulent, Bennett promised to serve all while “paying special attention to those who are disenfranchised or marginalized by their community.” Operating as a charitable organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment treats and supports diverse individuals. View More Information Here.


As a wildly successful entrepreneur, Roseann Bennett is often asked to divulge her pearls of wisdom. According to Bennett, the savviest approach one can take to their business pursuits is “beginning conservatively.” When Bennett embarked on her venture, she states that she used furniture from her home to furnish the Center for Assessment and Treatment. With that said, Roseann Bennett was willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice her personal belongings for the sake of running a well-oiled organization. Bennett also urges budding entrepreneurs to never lose sight of their dreams, an outlook that she perpetually upholds.


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