Achievements of OSI Group in the Food Supply Industry

Majority of the world’s top brands usually regard OSI Group and the leading food supplier across the globe. The company is one of the largest private companies in America and has been making annual sales of over $6.1 billion. It was started in 1909 as a meat butchery based in Chicago. It was a retail outlet helping their clients access cheaper meat products. With time the small business became a family business and was named Otto & Sons. The company has a global network and has managed to open offices in more than 17 countries. They have also managed to operate over 65 facilities with over 20,000 employees who are directly employed by OSI Group.

OSI Group has a great appetite for growth and has continued to open more plants so that they can continue catering to the rising demand for their products. They have modern equipped that endures quicker processing as well as quality products that meet customers satisfaction. Their products are fish, poultry products, vegetables, pizza, beef patties, and sausages among many others. The company has a team of group leaders who are well versed with the company’s policies.

OSI Group has been able to continue with research as well as the implementation of ideas that lead to its growth. They have managed to incorporate Baho Food so that the can complement their strength in the industry. They also have a tech-savvy team that helps them keep on upgrading depending on how the customer’s needs are evolving. They, therefore, have to keep on identifying the products that are good for customers use. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

The idea of food security must be taken very carefully and the company has been able to embrace the modern technology that has made things move in a smooth manner. The technology will enhance safety as well as proper ways of preserving these foods. Delivering of quality foods is one of the missions of OSI Group. They are always dedicated to nothing else but quality services.

Considering that food is a sensible product, the company has also enhanced hygiene as well as improving their client’s health by making sure that what they supply as per the required standard. Today, they have managed to penetrate to over 17 countries across the entire globe. They also operate so many facilities and are also continuing to acquire some of the biggest food businesses across the globe. This has enabled them to study the customer’s taste through acquire an already existing venture.