What Charlamagne Tha God thinks About Eminem’s Kamikaze Album


Social media influencer and Breakfast club Radio co-host Charlamagne Tha God found himself in a tight spot on Friday when he reacted to Eminem’s Kamikaze album. During his show on the radio, Charlamagne started by addressing a cipher by Eminem called Ringer. In the rap lines, Eminem calls out Charlamagne. The exact words read ‘Charlamagne gonna hate anyway doesn’t matter what I say’…The rap came after Charlamagne said Revival was terrible. In a bid to defend himself, he said Eminem too thought Revival was bad. He justified this claim by saying that is why he released the Kamikaze album. However, he added that being dissed by Eminem was actually a good thing and that he didn’t see it as a diss in the first place.


As the discussion on the songs in the album went on, the trio at 105.1 pointed out the Tyler the Creator line. According to Charlamagne Tha God, Eminem was disrespectful to the gay community as a whole. In an interview with esquire.com, Charlamagne said he doesn’t think Eminem cares about offending the LGBTQ community. He, however, made it clear that he was not specifically offended by the words used, owing to his upbringing.


Known at birth as Lenard Larry McKelvey, Charlamagne Tha God was born in 1978 at Charleston in South Carolina. As a teenager, McKelvey was arrested twice and was charged for possession with intent to distribute marijuana and cocaine. Shortly after that he witnessed a shooting and found himself in jail again. Before being on Breakfast Club, he had hosted alongside TV show host Wendy Williams.


Charlamagne said he didn’t have a problem with Eminem calling out President Trump. In fact, he loves it when white people use their privilege to fight injustice. He added that Eminem’s rant about Trump was a timely occurrence since everyone is talking about trump now. Find Additional Information Here


Despite his criticism, Charlamagne made it clear that he loved the Kamikaze album and emphasized that he considered Eminem ‘a living legend and a rap God.


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Adam Milstein Has Been Highlighting Potential Problems In Efforts To Bring Israelis Back To Israel

Israel, as a nation, is officially 70 years old, and Adam Milstein is helping the Israeli people to find opportunities and a home in the United States. He founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007 to give Israelis a home away from home experience. In the past, when Milstein left Israel to come to the United States, he admitted that most Israelis looked forward to going back to their home country after a visit. Now, Israelis have many more opportunities in the U.S.A., which inspire them to stay. In fact, 1 million Israelis now call the United States their home, and it is possible there will be many more to come if things don’t change back home.


Israel is currently experiencing political turmoil, rising housing costs, lowered wages, and all of the drama that comes with the Palestinian and Iranian nuclear threats. While Israelis travel to many different countries, most of them come to the United States where there is lots of opportunity. The Israelis that show up in America are highly talented and skilled in their fields of study and offer plenty. Unfortunately, they see little to no opportunity in their own country, and Adam Milstein is disappointed in this because Israel is currently experiencing a tech boom all of its own.


Adam Milstein knows that his nation’s leaders have been working to bring educated Israelis back to Israel, but it hasn’t been enough. The government of Israel even launched I-CORE, which was a multi-million dollar program that worked to woo scholars back to Israeli universities. After a few years, the program was scrapped due to its ineffectiveness. Today, only one of every five Israelis that leave the country to study elsewhere come back to Israel. This is after Israel tried another program named “The Israel Brain Gain Program,” which shut down after just nine months.


Adam Milstein is hoping that this trend will not go on forever but knows that there re currently two Israels. One of them is the nation with a booming tech industry that is bursting at the seams, and the other is one that is not keeping up with the needs of a modern Israeli world. Until this has been ratified, Adam Milstein sees no real solution to the problem.