Guilherme Paulus: Mindset for Success

Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur that runs CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. The former is a tour company while the later is a group of hotels/resorts located in Brazil. It important to note that up to the point of this article, Guilherme Paulus is recognized as one of the most influential business persons in the county.

In the earlier days, Guilherme Paulus had a business partner by the name of Vicente Cerchiari. Mr. Paulus attributes the business idea for the tour company to Mr. Cerchiari, but states that the business really started soaring to new heights after he went solo. Visit:


Now that we’ve covered a couple of the corporate bases, let’s have a look at the attributes that come together to form such a successful person. Guilherme Paulus believes heavily in gratitude as it builds appreciation and anticipation, and he also plans and records his schedule weekly to help him stay on top of all he needs to get done. He believes that it is necessary to have faith in new ideas so one can gain the confidence to take a risky first step to bring these ideas to life.

Guilherme Paulus is an advocate for the constant use and development of technology. In fact, his tour company, CVC was one of the earliest to leverage Google Terminals. Along with an avid belief in and passion for technology, Guilherme is an advocate for investment as he sees investing as simply the best way to spend money as it works for the investor in the future.

As we can see here, Guilherme Paulus may be a name that is synonymous with success, but what drove the steps he took to get there and what will continue to drive the moves he makes is a set of core principles that he abides by in his life.

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Peter Briger’s Expertise in the Business World

The businessman holds the position of a principal at Fortress Investment Group. The organization was founded in 1998. During his tenure, the institution has been ranked as one of the most successful in the sector. Eleven years ago, it became the first hedge fund in the US to go public to facilitate its expansion and promote transparency. Peter Briger transformed the organization from private equity to an investment firm which has an asset base valued at about $43 billion.

The number of investors has also grown to the current 1,750 due to the increased confidence in the management of Fortress Investment Group led by Peter Briger. The company has hired more than 900 people over the years.

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Before he joined Fortress, he worked at Goldman Sachs and that helped him to gain vast skills and experience in the management of large organizations. Mr. Briger played a key role in the acquisition of various firms by Fortress including Intrawest and Penn National Gaming. As a principal, he facilitated the diversification of the company’s investment portfolios which currently consists of several vehicles which can be accessed in various parts of the world. He is in charge of the credit and real estate section at Fortress.

He is listed as one of the most reputable business professionals according to Forbes. Giving back to the community is an important activity for the businessman and some of his donations have been channeled towards the operations of the Central Park Conservancy.

Peter Briger acquired his higher education from the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Business Administration. Due to his exemplary leadership skills, fortress expanded and started operating in San Francisco and also opened two branches in Asia. Fortress Investment Group has been recognized internationally and has received several prestigious awards for its innovativeness. In 2014, it was named the fund manager of the year. Fortress was acquired by a Japanese firm known as SoftBank for $3.3 billion.

According to the legislative changes in the U.S, the management of Fortress was to remain intact. Therefore, Peter Briger continued to serve the firm as one of its principals. The management of SoftBank was confident about the current leadership at the company.

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Jason Hope Makes A Contribution Of $0.5 Million On Ant-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He joined Arizona State University where he pursued a bachelors degree in finance and later joined W.P Carey School of Business for his master’s degree.

His career milestone began when he developed his Mobile Communication Company. He has always been focused on starting investments, biotechnology, and philanthropic work. During his free time, Jason Hope can be found either mentoring high school students or developing grants for entrepreneurs. He is also that individual whose interest is in politics and how it impacts businesses.

Jason Hope love and passion has seen him contribute significantly to his philanthropic mission. He believes that Aging can be reversed if correct measures are put into place. He acknowledges the natural process of aging, but he feels with research, aging can be slowed.

His approach towards aging was to enable people to enjoy life and live longer. He has donated his funds to organizations that share a mission like his. To transform the entire healthcare system. One of the organizations he has supported is SENS Foundation.

In December 2010, Jason Hope pumped a whopping $500 000 to SENS Foundation. This was meant to sensitize the public and enable them to access preventive aging technologies. He made public his contributions while he was at The San Francisco Palace of Arts in a Breakthrough Philanthropy Event.

SENS Foundation is dedicated to preventing aging and prevention of aging-related diseases by apply biotechnology. Their strategy entails the use of living organisms to create simulations. SENS Foundation has invested huge amounts of money to combat aging. It has also launched an initiative that will help change perceptions on how the world researches and treat the elderly.

Audrey de Grey, the CEO of SENS Foundation, is also a philanthropist. He feels that the amount Jason has pumped into SENS Foundation will help on researching artery cell protein bonding. This will not only prevent diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure but also prevent aging.

Jason Hope believes that diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer can completely be treated or prevented if proper mechanisms are put in place.

He praised the work being done by SENS Foundation and endorsed their strategy of doing research. He further permitted the development of Research Laboratories in the United Kingdom.

Hope believes that this continuous research will bring tremendous revolution in the healthcare industry and benefit the entire human race. He urges everyone to come up and support philanthropic activities since they are going to better human dynasties.

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Gareth Henry – the Institutional Investor Rising Star

Institutional Investor magazine named Fortress Investment Group as the 2010 Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm at their 9th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. These awards recognize firms that are across the sector of hedge fund distinguished by their contributions, achievements, and exceptional innovation in that year.

Fortress’ Credit team of more than 300 investment professionals manages more than 13 billion dollars on behalf of private clients and institutional investors all over the world. Gareth Henry, who was the managing director of Fortress at that time, was also recognized as a Rising Star” by the Institutional Investor.

Gareth Henry was responsible for raising capital as well as building and maintaining client relationships in the African, Middle Eastern, and European markets. The Rising Stars named by Institutional Investor are professionals whose contributions to, and accomplishments in the industry make them better than their peers, which positions them as the leaders in the industry.

About Fortress

It’s a New York City-based investment management firm; as of March 31, 2011, the firm had about 43.1 billion dollars in assets. Founded in 1998, Fortress offers traditional and alternative investments.

About Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry attended the University of Edinburgh (Edin) in Scotland, where he studied actuarial mathematics. After graduating in 2000, Henry worked at Watson Wyatt in management research for a few years. Henry then joined Schroders, a U.K-based global investment firm; he worked for the management group for several years. In 2007, he went to the U.S. and started working for Fortress Investment Group.

In 2016, Gareth Henry started working as the global head of investor relations and managing director at Angelo Gordon. As of 2016, Angelo Gordon had approximately 26 billion dollars in assets. Henry is responsible for the sales organization of the firm, and he uses the skills that he gained from Fortress to help in the company’s growth. Also, he will be a partner in this firm.

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The Best Deal OSI Group Has Made – The Turi Foods Merger

OSI Group is a major food processing player, operating in more than 17 countries. They started as a small business-owned company and quickly grew into a global player in the food industry. Most recently, the company merged with Turi Foods, which should give both companies hire profits and many other benefits.

Brief History Of OSI Group

OSI originated in Oak Park, Illinois, founded by the many named Otto Kolschowsky. He then transferred the shop to Maywood (which is another Chicago suburb.) The company changed the name to Otto & Sons: at that time, they very very respectable, enjoying the trust of many Chicago customers. In fact, it was OSI Group that partnered with the first McDonalds, which was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. 1973 was another critical year for OSI, which was the period when they opened their first massive food processing unit. Interestingly, that was when (1973) the company chose the new name: “OSI Industries.”

Rapid Expansion

OSI Group went through significant expansion process within 26 years, between 1990 and 2016. They partnered with several major food corporations, such as with Alaska Milk Corporation; together, they created the GenOSI company.Then they moved on to new markets: first in India, then Europe. After their global expansion, the OSI focused on the domestic market. But they didn’t remain neutral for an extended period.

Merger With Turi Food

Turi And OSi merger was a 50/50 deal between the two major food companies. The companies said that the merger made sense, do to the shared culture and philosophy. Both companies emphasize efficiency: one produces, and the other distributors.Naturally, the profits should grow for this newly founded company only if the quality remains. The president of the OSI group, David G. McDonald, said that this merger would allow his company to broaden its services to even more countries. The companies have facilities in Thomastown and Geelong, as well as in Broadmeadows (both in Victoria.). Both companies agree that, if they play the right cards, cards that are based on trust, teamwork, and communication, they will profit from the merger; all they have to do is to maintain their reputation and top quality product. Easy, right?

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Adam Milstein Has Been Highlighting Potential Problems In Efforts To Bring Israelis Back To Israel

Israel, as a nation, is officially 70 years old, and Adam Milstein is helping the Israeli people to find opportunities and a home in the United States. He founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007 to give Israelis a home away from home experience. In the past, when Milstein left Israel to come to the United States, he admitted that most Israelis looked forward to going back to their home country after a visit. Now, Israelis have many more opportunities in the U.S.A., which inspire them to stay. In fact, 1 million Israelis now call the United States their home, and it is possible there will be many more to come if things don’t change back home.


Israel is currently experiencing political turmoil, rising housing costs, lowered wages, and all of the drama that comes with the Palestinian and Iranian nuclear threats. While Israelis travel to many different countries, most of them come to the United States where there is lots of opportunity. The Israelis that show up in America are highly talented and skilled in their fields of study and offer plenty. Unfortunately, they see little to no opportunity in their own country, and Adam Milstein is disappointed in this because Israel is currently experiencing a tech boom all of its own.


Adam Milstein knows that his nation’s leaders have been working to bring educated Israelis back to Israel, but it hasn’t been enough. The government of Israel even launched I-CORE, which was a multi-million dollar program that worked to woo scholars back to Israeli universities. After a few years, the program was scrapped due to its ineffectiveness. Today, only one of every five Israelis that leave the country to study elsewhere come back to Israel. This is after Israel tried another program named “The Israel Brain Gain Program,” which shut down after just nine months.


Adam Milstein is hoping that this trend will not go on forever but knows that there re currently two Israels. One of them is the nation with a booming tech industry that is bursting at the seams, and the other is one that is not keeping up with the needs of a modern Israeli world. Until this has been ratified, Adam Milstein sees no real solution to the problem.

The care that Stream Energy will offer the homeless

Across the neighborhood of Houston when the Hurricane Harvey dropped there are so many companies in the United States that did not do anything except to watch as the lives of people were being destroyed. That was not the case for Stream Energy that is based in Dallas because they used the money that they had gotten from their energy sale business. It was the first company to help with the recovery period of the people and ease in the financial burden that the people had to face during the hurricane. For Stream Energy what is in their DNA is the corporate philanthropy. The recent launch that they announced is a foundation that would deal with the charity “Stream Cares” that would help in formalizes the ongoing charity events in Texas and some other parts of the country.

The main aim of launching the separate philanthropy arm is a new thing to them. That Stream intends to use to give back to the community, while at the same time they are offering their services to the community they are getting the respect needed and loyalty of customers. Giving back to the community helps the company in becoming high profile and become publicized. Stream Energy has built the required relationship that is long-term with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Also, the employees of the company have been involved with the community giving thus creating the Stream Energy philanthropic track record.

The business model that makes up Stream Energy is uncomplicated because, by the sale of the direct energy, they use the associates by paying them to come up with the network of clients that are loyal and with that then they can deliver what they offer the fixed rate energy and the mobile phone plans. There have the services that will cater for both residential and corporate, even the telemedicine. The success of the associates is based on the commission that they will get on those sales, as they work as individual entrepreneurs and business owners. The cause that the Stream Energy cares more for is the homelessness. The firm and employees will keep track of the number of people that are homeless in Dallas.,-TX-jobs.html

Sahm Adrangi’ Negative Report on KodakOne

Sahm Adrangi Background, Education, Work history

Sam Andrangi was educated at Yale University, where he received a BA in Economics. He is the Founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital. Prior to his founding Kerrisdale Capital he was an analyst for Longacre Fund Management.

At Longacre Fund Management, Mr. Andrangi was an analyst. Prior to working at Longacre Mr. Andrangi worked in the restructuring group at Chanin Capital Partners; there he helped advise creditors in Chapter 11 restructuring.

At Deutsche Bank, where he was employed before Chanin Capital he worked in the leveraged finance group at Deutsche Bank. Sahm Adrangi’ founded company, Kerrisdale Capital, is an investment manager. Kerrisdale Capital, founded in 2009, manages long-term value investments.

Negative Reports on KodakOne and KodakCoin

KodakOne and KodaCoin are associated with Kodak Company. The Kodak Company (1888) NYSE: KODK is a publically traded company . WENN Digital and Kodak worked together to create the platform of KodakOne and KodakCoin, which was to become available to photographers in mid-2018. The KodakOne platform and its associated cryptocurrency KodakCoin, is a blockchain technology used to secure the rights of Photographers intellectual property.

Negative Reports of Sahm Adrangi

The CEO of WENN Digital, Jan Denecke, worked in partnership with Kodak to establish a new digital rights platform which would represent the ownership of photographers works. WENN digital already has a user base of some a quarter million users under its digital key. By establishing KodakCoin, KodakOne and WENN partnership hope to bring about a system of licensing the rights of photographers works which have yet to be securely licensed.

Sahm Adrangi gives negative reports about the Kodak-WENN partnershiip and the KodakOne platform, which produces KodakCoin cryptocurrency.

Accusations of Mr. Adrangi

KodakOne-flawed management

WENN Digital-poor track record

AppCoin Innovtions- has a shady past

Kodak- “insider trading” on KodakOne

Big Problem?

Sahm Adrangi is reported to have said Kodak board members performed “insider trading” the day before the launch of KodakOne platform. Sahm Adrangi sent up an alarm suggesting Kodak be investigated by the SEC. Others besides Adragni have raised questions regarding KodakCoin ICO.


Louis Chenevert formerly served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at United Technologies Corporation, where he retired from in 2014. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has served many companies in a span of about thirty seven years. Louis Chenevert has been given immense credit for exhibiting great skills that have seen huge growth at UTC. The success includes acquiring Goodrich Aerospace which stamped the company’s presence in the business.

Asked about his success, Louis Chenevert says his leadership focus was on engineering and operational talent. This ensured he was working with a team that was dedicated as this style of work encouraged unique ideas that brought profits upon realization. Providing his team with everything they needed was key to ensuring they delivered on results. He is a technology enthusiast, and says he is awed by how it speeds up work that was crucial to the companies development. Given another chance, he says he would focus on internal politics and evaluate how they would affect performance. Teamwork is crucial in overcoming obstacles and ensuring customer satisfaction. It gives you an edge when taking risks and ability to reward them. He notes that his success as an entrepreneur has been centered on open thinking, teamwork and surrounding himself with winners.

Apart from United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert has served in other positions among them, President, Pratt & Whitney, from 1999 to 2006 where he had joined in 1993. He served at General Motors for several years as production general manager of its St Therese operation.

Louis Chenevert graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Université de Montréal. In 2011, he was awarded with a Honorary Doctorate from the University of Montreal. He was also inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2005. He is on the Board of Directors of Cargill Inc. He is Chairman of the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board and HEC Montreal International Advisory Board.