Richard Liu Had a Great Delivery System at

Fortune has recognized Richard Liu as a great leader by listing him on a list with other great leaders. Liu would be 48th on the list. Liu has been awarded for various professional achievements while holding the position of CEO of the company he founded, Liu’s leadership help become the largest retailers in China in regards to the revenue made. He implemented a good delivery system and used quality products, and it helps in the growth of is considered a leader of their industry because of Liu’s leadership. China’s e-commerce was quite successful, and it was influenced by the success of

Liu earned his college education from People’s University in China. He also received an Executive Master of Business Administration at China Europe International Business. Liu has great professional success as a CEO. Liu still finds the time to be a delivery person at least one day out of the year.

David McDonald Is A Company Man And A Family Man

Mr. David McDonald began his career at OSI Group as a project manager. Today, he serves as the President of the global organization. The company supplies food products that most of us consume on a regular basis. They distribute a variety of meat and other food items to grocery stores and food service companies in 17 countries. The company plans to continue its expansion around the world, and David and CEO Sheldon Lavin are actively pursuing new opportunities to reach their expansion goals.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

The company recently acquired Baho Food as part of its European expansion. The Dutch firm was active in 18 countries, including the Netherlands and Germany, at the time of the transaction. David McDonald leads a staff of 20,000 employees globally. There are currently 67 food production plants in the US, Canada, and the EU. David holds a seat on the Board of the North American Meat Institute. This is the largest association in the industry.

David McDonald was raised in Iowa on a farm, and he attended Iowa State University. Upon graduation, he was hired by OSI Group, and David has been there ever since. He eventually took over as President, and he is now on the executive committee of a US company that ranks #63 as one of the Forbes 2018 largest private firms. The company’s revenue for the year was $6.1 billion.

OSI Group was founded in Illinois in 1909. Its first location was in Oak Park, and currently the company headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald has deep heartfelt roots to Iowa and his Midwestern upbringing. As an alumni of Iowa State, he supports the school with generous funding. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. David started at the company in 1987.

David is the father of six children. He is active with their Church and with activities in the community. He also enjoys attending events at Iowa State University, and he enjoys his free time with his children.



The Writing Career of Ted Bauman

Among the many careers that people explore and discuss, writing is left out. Many curious investors want to venture in the writing industry, and they are wondering how the life of a writer/blogger is like and seeking inspiration. Well, if this you, worry not because there is Ted Bauman who has been writing for Banyan Hills Publishing.

Ted Bauman says that this is the best time in his career. He explains that being a writer gives him a chance to explore his interests and at the same time get a chance to help others. His objective is to protect the entrepreneurs from government regulations and greed of big corporations. He, however, says that despite not being a fan of government regulations, he is excited because business people are slowly becoming aware of the regulations and even questioning the global economy.

Ted Bauman has a solid financial background. Ted Bauman has a degree in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town. He says that his time in South Africa significantly contributed to his writing career because when he came back in the USA, he had a lot of valuable ideas to share. It, therefore, didn’t take him long to attract an audience. He also credits his success to his father who was in the financial industry for a long time. People knowing his father’s name gave them some confidence and trust in his work. He was, however, inspired to venture in writing by his love to help people by expanding their knowledge in his industry. His dream is to progress in his writing career and acquire more followers.

When asked how he makes money, Bauman says that his work needs him to think critically. He admits it can become tough when discussing ordinary topics like asset protection. To spice and encourage his readers, he uses real-life examples for them to relate.

Ted Bauman says that one lesson that he has learned in his career is time management. He says that as much as he may not have mastered the total concept of time management, he knows the hours his most productive and see that he focuses on writing in these hours.

Talkspace Get the Support of Michael Phelps to Encourage People to Seek Help for Depression

There are people who fall into depression and cannot spend a normal life. Depression is among the top mental illness and millions of people suffer from it, but not all of them seek help for the same. Often different factors force the person not to seek help. Depression is not just a bad feeling; it is much serious than that. It can quickly turn dangerous not just for the person, but also for people around them. Talkspace is one of the top online therapy apps that allow people to seek therapy in privacy through their phones.

Check out to read more reviews on talkspace.

Counseling for people with depression is essential as it allows them to get treatment for it. They learn how to deal with depression, and it can enable them to lead a satisfying life. If a person does not know if they are suffering from depression or not, the online counselor at Talkspace can help them diagnose the symptoms and offer treatment for the same. Depression is not limited to any class of people, and anyone can suffer from it. Talkspace want to encourage people to get help for depression and for that they have taken the help of Michael Phelps. He is a multiple Olympic medal winner and had everything going for him but still suffered from depression and came out of it through therapy.

Michael Phelps joined Talkspace as a team member since he has an understanding of what people go through when they are depressed. He has himself gone through the same and knows how difficult it can be for people to come forward and seek therapy. Often people are not even aware that they are suffering from depression and it is the reason why Michael Phelps has become part of the team. He wants to help as many people as he can to seek therapy in privacy which is often a common problem.

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Investors with limited resources can thrive too in the real estate business.

In the real estate business, investors can make good money through several investment strategies. One of them is a renewal measure known as repositioning. In simplified terms, repositioning means improving the quality or changing the purpose of property for better returns. Repositioning can be carried out productively on any form of a residential or commercial property.

Repositioning ranges from an activity as simple as adding a single can of paint on a roof, to demolishing whole buildings with the aim of bringing up new and more productive ones on the same piece of land. According to one of Gareth Henry’s blogs, repositioning is currently the most popular way of investment though one needs to be cautious. It is because, like any other business field, the surety of its success is highly dependent on the strategies one chooses to follow. See more of Gareth Henry on facebook

The word investor does not only belong to an individual with resources large enough to bring down whole sized buildings. An investor is also a person who with little they have is ready to dedicate their time and resources to add that one coat of paint on a property. Gareth Henry stress’s out that such investors should be well familiarized and appreciative of their strengths without the worry of how limited they’d look.

Gareth Henry continues to discuss the significance of minor repositioning and the great extent to which such changes could make in the overall outlook of a property. He first mentions how minor changes such as landscaping, paint renewal or improving a compound’s lighting could impress clients. Gareth Henry also suggests that structural changes such as introducing new property items such as pools or improving machines used on the property are part of minor repositioning.

Minor repositioning could also include introducing new systems or operations such as switching payment methods for the clients, bringing in new and efficient property overseers or introducing new spaces that could serve, e.g., as a laundry business on a residential property. Gareth Henry assures that with a well laid out plan, minor repositioning could be as good as setting up a new building in place of an old one.

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Kevin Seawright’s Personal Quest For Affordable Urban Housing

Founder and Managing Partner Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions in Baltimore has taken on the immense task of increasing the home-ownership rate in the city until it matches the Maryland state-wide home-ownership rate. Seawright established RPS Solutions in 2015 specifically to tackle the problem of creating enough affordable housing for Baltimore’s residents. To further their goal, RPS partnered with NCST, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates vacant properties and safely demolishes homes that are not salvageable. RPS also rehabilitates and constructs homes. When Seawright appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show in Baltimore, he stressed that homeowners help create stable communities. One success Seawright is especially proud of is when RPS helped Jerel Brown, who was shut out of the housing market despite being a Baltimore City Housing Department. More about of Kevin Seawright at

Prior to his founding RPS Solutions, Seawright was an executive VP and CFO for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. His background in project management, finance and education in the public and private sector made Seawright the ideal choice to spur development in the community. Other previous positions Seawright held include strategic partner Tito Contractors in Washington, D.C., deputy COO of education for the City of Baltimore and CFO for Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

In order to serve the public better, Kevin Seawright has been attending the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business’ Nonprofit Fund Development Program. He has already completed Leading Nonprofit Boards, the second installment of the program, where he earned a Certificate of Achievement, which is awarded to participants who excelled in the installment. Seawright also earned an MBA from Almeda University in 2006.

Kevin Seawright is a member of numerous professional associations, including the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the American Society for Public Administration and the National Association of Black Accountants.

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Get Aloha Construction For Your Home Upgrade Needs

Who Is Aloha Construction


The Popular Aloha Construction Group is based in southern Illinois and have proudly served their local area since 1975 with over 30+ years experience. Customers prefer the Aloha Construction Group because of their high level of customer service excellence. Enjoy a popular family owned roofing and siding company that puts the needs of their clients first. You have the option of becoming a part of a team of dedicated professionals that provide fast and courteous service. Their network is chosen 10 to 1, over other providers in the home construction industry. Learn more about the popular AC Group by reading more details below.




Having your roof replaced on your home or business is a small investment and should be a financially sound decision. For example, what kind of materials will they be using and how long does it last? The AC home remodeling experts offer you sample material during your consultation. In fact, they provide a warranty for all of their material and labor. Choose from many roof styles including their popular asphalt, cedar wood, and concrete roofing materials available. Avoid major roofing service with the option of maintenance repairs or a roof inspection.




Your siding can affect the rate of the amount you pay for utilities. Faulty siding is not only an eye sore, but an entryway for pests and the elements. You can immediately have your siding replaced with a free estimate of the costs with AC. Their licensed and trained technician will give you many styles to choose from and provide a craftsmanship guarantee on their work. The Aloha Construction Group understands damaged siding can create an entryway for pests and rodents to enter your home and perform your siding replacement or repairs fast. Their materials for your siding needs includes vinyl, aluminum, brick, and more.


Dont spend another day with disrepair to your home by contacting the roofing specialist at your discretion. The popular Aloha Construction Group lets their customers set an online appointment for a free no-obligation consultation. Schedule your roofing and siding appointment for repairs today.

Adam Milstein Has Been Highlighting Potential Problems In Efforts To Bring Israelis Back To Israel

Israel, as a nation, is officially 70 years old, and Adam Milstein is helping the Israeli people to find opportunities and a home in the United States. He founded the Israeli-American Council in 2007 to give Israelis a home away from home experience. In the past, when Milstein left Israel to come to the United States, he admitted that most Israelis looked forward to going back to their home country after a visit. Now, Israelis have many more opportunities in the U.S.A., which inspire them to stay. In fact, 1 million Israelis now call the United States their home, and it is possible there will be many more to come if things don’t change back home.


Israel is currently experiencing political turmoil, rising housing costs, lowered wages, and all of the drama that comes with the Palestinian and Iranian nuclear threats. While Israelis travel to many different countries, most of them come to the United States where there is lots of opportunity. The Israelis that show up in America are highly talented and skilled in their fields of study and offer plenty. Unfortunately, they see little to no opportunity in their own country, and Adam Milstein is disappointed in this because Israel is currently experiencing a tech boom all of its own.


Adam Milstein knows that his nation’s leaders have been working to bring educated Israelis back to Israel, but it hasn’t been enough. The government of Israel even launched I-CORE, which was a multi-million dollar program that worked to woo scholars back to Israeli universities. After a few years, the program was scrapped due to its ineffectiveness. Today, only one of every five Israelis that leave the country to study elsewhere come back to Israel. This is after Israel tried another program named “The Israel Brain Gain Program,” which shut down after just nine months.


Adam Milstein is hoping that this trend will not go on forever but knows that there re currently two Israels. One of them is the nation with a booming tech industry that is bursting at the seams, and the other is one that is not keeping up with the needs of a modern Israeli world. Until this has been ratified, Adam Milstein sees no real solution to the problem.

Jeunesse Nevo: A Natural Energy Giving Beverage

Jeunesse Nevo is a nutritional supplement that exists in the form of an energy drink. This product is manufactured in a bid to offer users or people who want to supplement their energy with a natural source of energy with controlled calories and the required amount of energy. It is worth noting that individuals have been consuming different energy drinks that do not add value to themselves. Some of the energy drinks consumed are risks to our bodies as they have an unlimited amount of calories while at the same time the energy content on the drink is not known. Nevo juice is made of fruits which means that it has no side effects.


Nevo does not have artificial sweeteners as it adopts natural methods to give the user a satisfying taste that is not harmful to their health. The brand is highly dedicated to manufacturing its products from natural substances, free from any synthetic substance that may lower the quality and make it harmful to the user. The second important aspect that one should understand is that Nevo has 50 calories per can. This is a significantly low amount of calories that the body needs. Excess calories have proved to have adverse effects on our bodies.


Nevo is made from fruits which makes it have a refreshing and a delicious taste. It is essential to understand that Nevo comes in different flavors so you will need to choose the taste that appeals to you. To enable you to handle various activities during the day, Nevo is loaded with B-Vitamins which supplies you with sufficient energy to cover you throughout the day.


Jeunesse Nevo comes with different flavors from which you can choose from depending on your taste and preferences.

  • Nevo Lemon Ginger
  • Nevo Peach Mango
  • Nevo Acai Grape
  • Nevo Mixed Berry


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling skin care products and nutritional supplements in the United States. However, the organization has tremendously grown whereby its products can be seen in retails scattered in more than 130 countries around the world. Of those countries, 30 of them have operational offices with staff members and other supplies.

The care that Stream Energy will offer the homeless

Across the neighborhood of Houston when the Hurricane Harvey dropped there are so many companies in the United States that did not do anything except to watch as the lives of people were being destroyed. That was not the case for Stream Energy that is based in Dallas because they used the money that they had gotten from their energy sale business. It was the first company to help with the recovery period of the people and ease in the financial burden that the people had to face during the hurricane. For Stream Energy what is in their DNA is the corporate philanthropy. The recent launch that they announced is a foundation that would deal with the charity “Stream Cares” that would help in formalizes the ongoing charity events in Texas and some other parts of the country.

The main aim of launching the separate philanthropy arm is a new thing to them. That Stream intends to use to give back to the community, while at the same time they are offering their services to the community they are getting the respect needed and loyalty of customers. Giving back to the community helps the company in becoming high profile and become publicized. Stream Energy has built the required relationship that is long-term with Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Also, the employees of the company have been involved with the community giving thus creating the Stream Energy philanthropic track record.

The business model that makes up Stream Energy is uncomplicated because, by the sale of the direct energy, they use the associates by paying them to come up with the network of clients that are loyal and with that then they can deliver what they offer the fixed rate energy and the mobile phone plans. There have the services that will cater for both residential and corporate, even the telemedicine. The success of the associates is based on the commission that they will get on those sales, as they work as individual entrepreneurs and business owners. The cause that the Stream Energy cares more for is the homelessness. The firm and employees will keep track of the number of people that are homeless in Dallas.,-TX-jobs.html