Chainsmokers reach Diamond

Forbes recently released an article about a group called The Chainsmokers, the group publicly announced through their Instagram accounts that their song “Closer” featuring another popular musician, Halsey, has been certified diamond. The musicians posted pictures holding plaques proving their new diamond status. The group seems to have reached a very high point early on in their careers, hopefully they can stay relevant in the next couple of years. The RIAA last certified “Closer” in March of 2017 where it reached seven times platinum. However, the Recording Industry Association of America’s website has not been updated to reflect the song going from multi-platinum to diamond status. In the summer of 2016 “Closer “was at the top of the Hot 100, staying longer than predicted, “closer” went on to set the tone for all genre-singles, being the fourth longest running number one hit in U.S. history. “closer” received multiple awards and helped both artists earn Grammy nominations. “Closer” was the longest running number one hit on ‘Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart until recently, where it was beat out only a few months ago.

“Closer” was the hit song that brought both artists up in the music world, whether they were up and coming already, this was the song to bring them into the public’s attention. The group seems to be up and coming, despite their diamond status single, staying relevant and in the public eye will prove to be more challenging after reaching the pinnacle of both their careers. They will have to prove their diamond status single wasn’t just a fluke and keep on pumping out more songs that show their quality. In today’s world with social media, new artists come out every day with something new and it’s very hard to find anything to make you stand out, I believe both these artists climaxed too soon in their careers and will soon fall out of the public’s interest.

The Chainsmokers Spread Their Wings

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the DJ duo known as the Chainsmokers. Formed in New York City when Pall, who needed a new DJ partner, was introduced to Taggart by mutual friend and band manager Adam Alpert. The two had an immediate chemistry and Taggart moved from Maine to New York where the two spent hours a day perfecting their style and sound. They performed at clubs, colleges and parties before releasing their debut EP, “Bouquet.”

Upon meeting the two had a rapport in and out of music immediately. They seem to see music the same way and have similar enough tastes that their chemistry comes through on all their tracks. Both quit their day jobs to form the Chainsmokers and it seemed like a good move as the two began getting gigs all over New York City almost immediately, playing clubs, colleges and parties regularly. The duo treated the band like a full-time job, 40+ hours a week of working together to make it come together.

Not content to merely make dance music the duo like to push themselves into other genres of music. Both describe themselves as fans of many different styles of music, not just dance, and after a while they decided to branch out and try integrating other styles into their music. Taggart has stepped out from behind the DJ table and recorded vocals for a couple of songs and the Chainsmokers have worked with DJ Tiesto, Halsey and Pheobe Ryan.

The Chainsmokers release singles for the most part. They have an interesting strategy for their release schedule: Instead of putting out songs as soon as they are done they tend to wait for the previous single to run its course. Knowing that being in the Dance/Electronic genre is a barrier to their achieving success outside their genre they prefer to let individual songs have a chance to make the rounds not only in the dance community but outside it as well. By staggering their releases they hope to get a reputation for making a variety of sounds instead of just dance beats exclusively.