How Is Eric Lefkofsky Changing The Medical And Research World’s?

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Labs as a way to sequence and collect data for medical research. This company is working to make all the research available to doctors and researchers, and they are growing their catalog every day with help from different research studies that occur around the world.

1. What Is Tempus Labs?

Tempts Labs is really a technology company that wants to have a digital home for all the information that they are trying to save. They believe that a catalog of all the medical and research data will help people access certain sequences, read about the results that have been had in the past, and check on the data that might be needed to continue to another line of research.

2. Who Is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded the company when he was looking at unique ways to treat diseases. He knew that researchers needed the most timely and accurate research information, and he believed that a library of all this data could make their lives much easier. He is looking at making the catalog open to all researchers, and he is reaching out to new researchers every day to sequence their data.

3. Why Does Tempus Labs Matter?

Eric Lefkofsky has filled a gap in the research market. People can come to this company at any time for help with particular molecular data, and they could submit their own molecular data when they have completed a new round of research. It makes sense for people to work with Tempus Labs because they have a simple digitizing program, and Eric Lefkofsky has done all the fundraising work to make the catalog grow. He is an expert in this field, and he is using his business sense to keep the company healthy.

4. Conclusion

Eric Lefkofsky is a very good executive who is working on changing how people get the information they need for medical breakthroughs. Someone who wants to work on a piece of medical research or needs to find molecular data can come to Tempus Labs as they are growing the largest catalog of these things in the world.

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The Best Deal OSI Group Has Made – The Turi Foods Merger

OSI Group is a major food processing player, operating in more than 17 countries. They started as a small business-owned company and quickly grew into a global player in the food industry. Most recently, the company merged with Turi Foods, which should give both companies hire profits and many other benefits.

Brief History Of OSI Group

OSI originated in Oak Park, Illinois, founded by the many named Otto Kolschowsky. He then transferred the shop to Maywood (which is another Chicago suburb.) The company changed the name to Otto & Sons: at that time, they very very respectable, enjoying the trust of many Chicago customers. In fact, it was OSI Group that partnered with the first McDonalds, which was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. 1973 was another critical year for OSI, which was the period when they opened their first massive food processing unit. Interestingly, that was when (1973) the company chose the new name: “OSI Industries.”

Rapid Expansion

OSI Group went through significant expansion process within 26 years, between 1990 and 2016. They partnered with several major food corporations, such as with Alaska Milk Corporation; together, they created the GenOSI company.Then they moved on to new markets: first in India, then Europe. After their global expansion, the OSI focused on the domestic market. But they didn’t remain neutral for an extended period.

Merger With Turi Food

Turi And OSi merger was a 50/50 deal between the two major food companies. The companies said that the merger made sense, do to the shared culture and philosophy. Both companies emphasize efficiency: one produces, and the other distributors.Naturally, the profits should grow for this newly founded company only if the quality remains. The president of the OSI group, David G. McDonald, said that this merger would allow his company to broaden its services to even more countries. The companies have facilities in Thomastown and Geelong, as well as in Broadmeadows (both in Victoria.). Both companies agree that, if they play the right cards, cards that are based on trust, teamwork, and communication, they will profit from the merger; all they have to do is to maintain their reputation and top quality product. Easy, right?

Jeunesse Nevo: A Natural Energy Giving Beverage

Jeunesse Nevo is a nutritional supplement that exists in the form of an energy drink. This product is manufactured in a bid to offer users or people who want to supplement their energy with a natural source of energy with controlled calories and the required amount of energy. It is worth noting that individuals have been consuming different energy drinks that do not add value to themselves. Some of the energy drinks consumed are risks to our bodies as they have an unlimited amount of calories while at the same time the energy content on the drink is not known. Nevo juice is made of fruits which means that it has no side effects.


Nevo does not have artificial sweeteners as it adopts natural methods to give the user a satisfying taste that is not harmful to their health. The brand is highly dedicated to manufacturing its products from natural substances, free from any synthetic substance that may lower the quality and make it harmful to the user. The second important aspect that one should understand is that Nevo has 50 calories per can. This is a significantly low amount of calories that the body needs. Excess calories have proved to have adverse effects on our bodies.


Nevo is made from fruits which makes it have a refreshing and a delicious taste. It is essential to understand that Nevo comes in different flavors so you will need to choose the taste that appeals to you. To enable you to handle various activities during the day, Nevo is loaded with B-Vitamins which supplies you with sufficient energy to cover you throughout the day.


Jeunesse Nevo comes with different flavors from which you can choose from depending on your taste and preferences.

  • Nevo Lemon Ginger
  • Nevo Peach Mango
  • Nevo Acai Grape
  • Nevo Mixed Berry


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a company that specializes in manufacturing and selling skin care products and nutritional supplements in the United States. However, the organization has tremendously grown whereby its products can be seen in retails scattered in more than 130 countries around the world. Of those countries, 30 of them have operational offices with staff members and other supplies.

How Penelope Kokkinides Hopes To Change The Health Care Situation In Puerto Rico

Penelope Kokkinodes is a lifelong health practitioner with decades of professional experience in the health sector. She has worked with different health institutions at the policy-making, administrative, and managerial positions. Before this, she worked as a governmental employee charged with the responsibility of formulating Medicare and Medicaid policies and overseeing their implementation. She held this role for over two decades before shifting back to the private sector where she currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of Innovacare Health.


The biological science graduate has wealth of experience in designing, implementing and managing health programs for different institutions. For instance, she takes part credit in the development and implementation of the health programs currently being used at Americhoice. She hopes to use this expertise and experience in helping institute reforms within Innovacare that impact the healthcare provider’s biggest market, Puerto Rico.


Changing the state of health in Puerto Rico


Penelope Kokkinides hope to use lobbying, her extensive connections in the healthcare industry, and experience in helping Innovacare Inc. improve the quality of health for the Puerto Ricans. With over 200,000 residents of the island subscribed to either Medicaid or Medicare aid program with the institution she leads, Penelope has taken it upon herself to improve these residents quality of life. In one of her successful lobbying strategies, Penelope was invited to the white house, together with other female healthcare professionals to deliberate the role of women in healthcare.


However, she walked into the meeting with the plight of health for the Puerto Ricans lying heavily on her shoulders. She would use her time with the president to bring to his attention the state of healthcare in Puerto Rico. Her main concerns were how the health care budgetary cuts had exposed the island residents to inferior care and what could be done about it. In the weeks that followed the presidency announced implementation of healthcare policies favorable to the Puerto Rican community.


The lifelong health practitioner also hopes to come up with several programs and policies within the Innovacare Inc. aimed at improving the quality of care advanced to the Puerto Rican residents. These aren’t just targeted at coming up with new health care programs or revitalizing the ones already in existence. Penelope Kokkinides is also targeting redefining the administration of these programs. She is particularly keen on improving the quality of assistance given to the patients as she believes that it plays a key role in fostering better relationships between the institution and the Puerto Rican residents.


How Waiakea Compares in a World Where Water is Not Equal

One thing that people are going to realize very early in their lives is that there are different qualities of water. This goes beyond the water found in the tap and water found in the mud. However, people used to not know that bottled water was not always good. AS the internet released more information about bottled water, more people began to know what can happen when they drink the wrong types of water. They have also been given information on what to look for in water. One of the different types of water to look at are the ones that have electrolytes.


High quality brands of water like Waiakea are the types of water to drink 8 glasses of day from. This is the type of water that is meant to be consumed all day. There is one major factor that makes Waiakea water one of the types of water that should be consumed above all of the others. One of the factors is the pH level. If the water has a low pH level, then it is acidic. One of the problems with acidic water is that it can leave people vulnerable to cancer. It is more important than ever to make sure that the type of water that is consumed is least balanced.


One of the frustrating and unfortunate issues that people have to face is that when they look for water, they are most likely going to find something that is acidic. However, there are certain types of water brands that are closer to alkaline. As a matter of fact, some of the stores put the premium alkaline types of water.  Some of the stores have premium waters in its own section so that people will have an easier time picking out the water. Some of the brands even have the pH level listed on the bottle.

Waiakea Water: Making a Difference with a Different Kind of Water

Bottled water gives us one of the most convenient ways to stay hydrated and healthy. Unfortunately, it also poses an environmental hazard, especially because not everyone recycles. Many people give little consideration to the brand of bottled water they drink. It’s often presumed that one bottled water is just as good as any other, but this is not true. A lot of bottled water on the market is no better than the tap water in your home and, besides this, the plastic bottles used are manufactured in ways that actually cause more harm to the environment. These bottled water companies continue to get rich and in the end, are the only ones who really benefit from the consumers who pay for their products.

However, now it is possible to choose a bottled water that gives back to the community and the Earth. The water is Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water, which helps to provide clean, drinking water and sanitation for developing countries around the world.

Waiakea Water is different in many ways, starting with the way the Hawaiian volcanic water comes directly from the Muana Loa volcano. It is there that the year round rainfall flows through porous volcanic rock and infuses it with a healthy supply of minerals. The water is naturally alkaline with a ph level of around 7.8-8.8 (slightly higher than the nuetral level of 7 found in pure unfiltered water). Another unique feature of Waiakea Water is that it contains a healthy amount of silica (30mg). Scientific research is learning that silica actually improve cognitive functioning and could reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, this exceptionally healthy water is also smooth and satisfying. It has a uniquely quenching feel and when served chilled is refreshing and slightly sweet taste.

Waiakea Water is not only good for your body and your taste buds but it also happens to be a driving force in supporting Pump Aid. This non-profit program installs special pumps in developing villages and towns around the world. These pumps give the communities direct access to clean drinking water and can be maintained easily by the locals. One of the main projects that Pump Aid is involved in takes place in the country of Malawi. Located in Africa, this small country is home to more than 17 million people, 85% of which do not have access to a clean water supply. This nation is considered to be one of the most underdeveloped in the world and they also have a very high infant mortality rate with an average adult life span between 57-60 years old. Part of the reason for this is the lack of access to clean water. This also limits the productivity of the community because people are continually searching for clean water. Pump Aid’s installation of a working water pump has breathed new life into the village which will most likely experience greater health and prosperity as a result.

Contributing to a nonprofit cause like Pump Aid is one of the ways that Waiakea Water makes a difference in the community. When you purchase Waiakea Water, you are also doing something positive to help a developing village become stronger and have access to one of life’s basic necessities. You’ll also be treating yourself and your body to a highly restorative bottled water that is naturally pure and healthy.

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