Daniel Taub Resigns after 4 Years of Honest Service as an Ambassador

Trade between the United Kingdom and Israeli doubled during the tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub. In his tenure, Ambassador Taub has been able to foster significant deals in business, academics as well as cultural links between the two nations.

According to the British Secretary for Business Innovation, Sajid Javid, argues that the average grade between the two countries has entered its golden era. At least 300 Israeli businesses have set up operations in the United Kingdom. The bilateral trade agreements between the two nations have risen to an excess of $5.5 billion to over $7 billion.

Mr Taub was born in the U.K. before moving to Israeli. He was later appointed as the Israeli ambassador in U.K in 2011. What an interesting fact, representing your nation in your mother country. He has contributed so much to the development of the two nations. He has also been involved in a peace mission in the Northern Ireland, UK. Together with his Palestinian counterpart, they took it upon themselves to assess the situation from the ground and traveled to Ireland.

He also played a role in the integration of students from both different cultures other than the U.K. During an interview in 2012, Taub lamented about the state of some colleges and Universities. He advised administrators, lecturers, and stakeholders to ensure that the opinions from all students are respected.

Daniel Taub requested them to make sure that even the minority cultures like Israel are allowed to air their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without harassment or fear of intimidation. Mr. Taub gave these sentiments long before the largest student union in Brazil voted to have a total boycott of Israel.

Whereas many ambassadors are always at a crossroad on how to separate their own opinions from those of their countries, Mr. Taub has an easy way around it. To achieve this, he considers his position to try and convince people what Israeli people are and where the leadership of Israeli nation is. As such, it is never a situation of whose opinion it is.

Ambassador believes that the only way Israeli can achieve its vision is by partnering with other nations. Doing so will help the nation to seize various opportunities across the globe. He champions for the need of the United Kingdom Labor Party and the Labor Party in Israeli to find a common working ground.

He feels that the two parties exist to serve similar interests. These interests are these areas, belief in freedom of speech, the freedom to express yourself, respect to the rights of women and the minorities. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

The freedom of movement and the respect to life are his key concerns. He insists that U.K should not shy away from helping Israeli achieve progressive values. After all, these values are the same everywhere.

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