Francisco Domenech Typifies the Hard-Working Spirit of Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech is known for his entrepreneurship, savvy political sense and law career. Born in Puerto Rico, Domenech graduated from the University of Puerto Rice with a B.A. in Political Science as well as a Juris Doctor. During his time at the university, he was an Academic Senator, President of the General Student Body Council and Student Body President of the College of Social Sciences. Domenech also studied abroad for a semester at the University College of London. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at

Since graduation, Mr. Francisco Domenech has been an active supporter of the Democratic party. He was the Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly from 2005 – 2008. He was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention during four consecutive election cycles and represented the Young Democrats of America as a member of the DNC from 2007 – 2012.

The 2008 and 2016 Presidential election campaigns helped hone his political skills further, as Domenech served as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico in 2008, and was a member of her National Finance Committee in 2016. During both election cycles, Clinton achieved victories in the primary races in Puerto Rico.

The 2016 election year was an active one for Francisco Domenech. He took on the title of Campaign Manager for the Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez. The effort helped the candidate to become the first woman (and youngest individual) to represent Puerto Rico before Congress as the Resident Commissioner.

An additional achievement in 2016 was Domenech’s inclusion on Caribbean Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40 list of the most promising and accomplished professionals in Puerto Rico. This was the first time the publication allowed readers to vote for their choice of nominee. Not only did Domenech make the list, he received the most votes of all the nominees.

Currently, Domenech is an active philanthropist that continues to practice law and serves as a managing partner at Politank. The firm is a lobbying and governmental affairs organization. The company has drawn recent attention due to its strength and professionalism during the hurricane Maria crisis. Read more:


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