Michael Lacey: About

Michael Lacey is a professor in the School of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has held faculty positions at Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996. He has a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Illinois and previous faculty positions include Assistant Professorships at Louisiana State University, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) and Indiana University. At Indiana University (1989-1996) he was awarded a National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship to study the bi-linear Hilbert transform.


At Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Lacey has mentored many PhD students, directed training grants, and received awards for his own research and teaching (one of his frequently taught courses includes Linear Algebra). His fields of research include Harmonic Analysis and Probability. Dr. Lacey is an expert in pure mathematics. As a member of Math Alliance, Dr. Lacey is working with other experts in the field of mathematics to ensure underrepresented or under-served students with talent and ambition have opportunities to further education (doctoral degrees) in the field of mathematics. Math Alliance works to increase opportunities and funding for students of diverse backgrounds to build strong mathematical skills as undergraduates, pursue graduate degrees, and obtain professional teaching and research positions. Mentors and advocates belong to colleges and schools of mathematics at over 30 universities nationwide.


In 2012, Dr. Lacey became a fellow in the American Mathematical Society. AMS is an association of professional mathematicians who further mathematical research and scholarship. He, along with colleagues, have made significant advancements in central limit theorem, and harmonic analysis. He continues to teach and mentor students.