Peter Briger’s Expertise in the Business World

The businessman holds the position of a principal at Fortress Investment Group. The organization was founded in 1998. During his tenure, the institution has been ranked as one of the most successful in the sector. Eleven years ago, it became the first hedge fund in the US to go public to facilitate its expansion and promote transparency. Peter Briger transformed the organization from private equity to an investment firm which has an asset base valued at about $43 billion.

The number of investors has also grown to the current 1,750 due to the increased confidence in the management of Fortress Investment Group led by Peter Briger. The company has hired more than 900 people over the years.

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Before he joined Fortress, he worked at Goldman Sachs and that helped him to gain vast skills and experience in the management of large organizations. Mr. Briger played a key role in the acquisition of various firms by Fortress including Intrawest and Penn National Gaming. As a principal, he facilitated the diversification of the company’s investment portfolios which currently consists of several vehicles which can be accessed in various parts of the world. He is in charge of the credit and real estate section at Fortress.

He is listed as one of the most reputable business professionals according to Forbes. Giving back to the community is an important activity for the businessman and some of his donations have been channeled towards the operations of the Central Park Conservancy.

Peter Briger acquired his higher education from the University of Pennsylvania where he majored in Business Administration. Due to his exemplary leadership skills, fortress expanded and started operating in San Francisco and also opened two branches in Asia. Fortress Investment Group has been recognized internationally and has received several prestigious awards for its innovativeness. In 2014, it was named the fund manager of the year. Fortress was acquired by a Japanese firm known as SoftBank for $3.3 billion.

According to the legislative changes in the U.S, the management of Fortress was to remain intact. Therefore, Peter Briger continued to serve the firm as one of its principals. The management of SoftBank was confident about the current leadership at the company.

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Jason Hope Makes A Contribution Of $0.5 Million On Ant-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He joined Arizona State University where he pursued a bachelors degree in finance and later joined W.P Carey School of Business for his master’s degree.

His career milestone began when he developed his Mobile Communication Company. He has always been focused on starting investments, biotechnology, and philanthropic work. During his free time, Jason Hope can be found either mentoring high school students or developing grants for entrepreneurs. He is also that individual whose interest is in politics and how it impacts businesses.

Jason Hope love and passion has seen him contribute significantly to his philanthropic mission. He believes that Aging can be reversed if correct measures are put into place. He acknowledges the natural process of aging, but he feels with research, aging can be slowed.

His approach towards aging was to enable people to enjoy life and live longer. He has donated his funds to organizations that share a mission like his. To transform the entire healthcare system. One of the organizations he has supported is SENS Foundation.

In December 2010, Jason Hope pumped a whopping $500 000 to SENS Foundation. This was meant to sensitize the public and enable them to access preventive aging technologies. He made public his contributions while he was at The San Francisco Palace of Arts in a Breakthrough Philanthropy Event.

SENS Foundation is dedicated to preventing aging and prevention of aging-related diseases by apply biotechnology. Their strategy entails the use of living organisms to create simulations. SENS Foundation has invested huge amounts of money to combat aging. It has also launched an initiative that will help change perceptions on how the world researches and treat the elderly.

Audrey de Grey, the CEO of SENS Foundation, is also a philanthropist. He feels that the amount Jason has pumped into SENS Foundation will help on researching artery cell protein bonding. This will not only prevent diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure but also prevent aging.

Jason Hope believes that diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer can completely be treated or prevented if proper mechanisms are put in place.

He praised the work being done by SENS Foundation and endorsed their strategy of doing research. He further permitted the development of Research Laboratories in the United Kingdom.

Hope believes that this continuous research will bring tremendous revolution in the healthcare industry and benefit the entire human race. He urges everyone to come up and support philanthropic activities since they are going to better human dynasties.

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Betsy Devos: Excellence in School Safety and Education

With the rise of school shootings in 2018, much of the Trump administration was in a shock on how to handle the situation. When Betsy Devos was appointed to lead the school safety reform movement, she made sure that security officials visited public schools and determined new policies that would ensure the safety of students, without the use of guns on campus.


Devos has been working with education leaders throughout the country ahead of the 2018-2019 school season. Much of the new policies deal with additional security and protocols around certain activities and student behaviors, while others deal with routine drills to help students feel safer. So far, those security measures seem to be working.


However, Devos’ main campaign is for educational choice. It has been her passion for most of her life, and despite what critics say about her not having the experience, she has been in education reform since it started in the 1980s with the Reagan Administration. Devos has said that previous administrations haven’t helped the movement. In fact, she doesn’t agree with Common Core or “No Child Left Behind” have solved any of the problems with America’s schools.


She does believe that educational choice can be the answer, although she also believes that many people don’t understand how it works. Most of her critics are teachers who say that she wants to use public funding for private schools, but Devos says that just isn’t the case. She believes that philanthropy has been the main driving force, and it’s due to her own foundation that many of the reforms have gone through in Michigan.


In an interview with “60 Minutes” early in 2018, Devos expressed that she felt she had achieved some success in Louisiana and Florida. Lesley Stahl had asked some tough questions about what the state of her programs were at this point, and if she thought that any were successful. With only two years in office, it’s hard to say if the programs will have long-term permanence.


However, Devos forges on, stating that Florida is probably the greatest measure of success. The state has the most educational choice options for students to choose from. Kids can go to private school, magnet programs, charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling programs. Devos says that all of this is supposed to help students go to better schools, rather than being stuck in a failing school.


Since starting her campaign, Devos has given several interviews where she has stated that philanthropy has been the main driver for educational reform in this country. Her backers include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and her own family foundation. She has donated an estimated $139 million through the Devos Family Foundation so far.


When asked, what inspires her to continue educational reform, she says that her mother has always been an inspiration, as well as American students.


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Vijay Eswaran On the Temporary Nature of Life

One thing that people often forget is how temporary life is. People go on about their lives with very little thought about how temporary and fragile it actually is. This is often reflected in how they approach some of the goals they have in the long term. They often put it off for the longest time until it never gets done. At some point they get too old to pursue their goals and wind up regretting that they haven’t done so. They are also reminded about how temporary life is with different tragedies that they get to experience or even witness.

One person who has learned the lesson of life is Vijay Eswaran. He has learned to always remember that life is temporary and can run past anyone. This is one of the reasons that he has worked very hard on getting his business and dreams fulfilled. He has understood that life is too short to be bogged down with anything. He has learned that a lot of the limits that were placed on him were meant to be overcome. He has let go of the idea that the only way to be able to make money and save it is through a regular 8 hour day job.

Vijay has met with a monk who has meditated very close to where he can fall to his death. He has asked the monk why he has done it, and the monk has answered that everyone is two minutes from the abyss anyway. This has brought a lot of insight that has helped Vijay gain perspective. This has also inspired him to make the most of every moment in his life as he works towards any goals that he has. He is also willing to help others reach their own personal goals through the products and services he has on his site.