Sussex Healthcare Is Now Hiring, The Sky Is The Limit

Sussex Healthcare, a leader in long-term care facilities, is now hiring. The company has undergone many recent improvements and is looking for great people to join its team. Even if you’re inexperienced, there’s a spot for those who are interested in learning new career skills, with unlimited growth potential. The field of healthcare is rewarding in many ways.

With skills that are always in demand, you’ll earn top pay, and even get paid to learn. Touching the lives of others’ is also part of the package. Knowing you can brighten a day or make someone smile when they feel ill can be an invaluable gift. This article will highlight some of the career options currently available and will also provide you with an insight of the many great benefits of working for Sussex Healthcare.


While there are many positions currently open, the highest demand is in nursing and care assisting positions. With many different types of patients being cared for, there’s a discipline for everyone. Dementia care, eldercare, neurological care, care for those with multiple learning disabilities, and end-of-life care are a sampling of the types of patients served by their many facilities. Sussex Healthcare is the leading home care facility in UK. Positions in both East and West Sussex locations are available, so you’ll have a great job while still being close to home.

There have also been improvements in the leadership team at Sussex Healthcare. The new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor has made it her mission to build an excellent executive staff according to She comes from a nursing background, having worked as a mental health nurse. Moving up the ladder in her 30 years of experience, she’s served in many leadership roles. As a managing director, quality director, and as a service improvement expert, she knows what it takes to make a great team. She’s taken the initiative to appoint new executives, who are dedicated to improving the business.

With all the new and exciting happenings, it’s a great time to get started with Sussex Healthcare. Before you know it, you’ll be in a great career with great pay and limitless opportunity for growth. The Sussex Healthcare Talent Network is a great place to get started. Search the job openings, locations, requirements, and how to apply. You can even sign up for alerts, which will keep you updated on any new opportunities that match your profile. With just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes, you can get started on the road to your new future.

Check out Sussex Healthcare’s current openings online at today.

The Facts About NewsWatch TV Reviews: Best Marketing Choice?

With endless marketing possibilities today, we decided to review one popular choice. For those curious, NewsWatch TV is a national TV show that airs across numerous U.S. networks. It spreads over 95 million viewers, including every major city in the country. They have a remarkable social media influence with professional presentations. This is clearly a massive opportunity for potential clients.


NewsWatch was established more than a quarter-century ago and has been a behemoth in the sector ever since. Supporting large clients including: Ford, Sony, Google and more. Even America’s favorite entertainers and celebrities applaud them. Appearing in the past year were Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Will Smith, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Chris Pratt. Critically acclaimed, they have won many prestigious accolades including the Telly and Marcom awards.

With over 75 years of production experience, finished work is done by an in-house team right outside Washington, D.C. They use cutting-edge production and editing technology, which we absolutely loved. They work jointly with patrons and provide scripts and edits, making each video perfect (HD 1080p) before hitting hundreds of thousand screens.


Pricing depends on the goals companies have. NewsWatch transmits programs to a 95+ million people network, or clusters of networks. Campaigns are unique, resulting in different prices. Many similar publicity opportunities start at $20-30 thousand, while NewsWatch is a fraction of the price. Partly due to absorbing most airing fees that keeps content relevant and entertaining to fans. It’s extremely affordable for most businesses from small to fortune 500 companies, however startups can find this taxing.

Reviewing ROI grants a picture of past profit. Ockel, a Danish company, came close to half a million dollars during their Indiegogo campaign. “It was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding was successful. We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team,” said the Marketing Director.

Musical Pairings, an app company, had so many downloads they needed to pull out of the app store to revamp their app and keep up with traffic. Many more companies saw success with the marketing platform.

Final Decision

NewsWatch is a well-known reputable television show, and a great marketing strategy for most companies. The investment is more affordable than other plan, and results of past clients speaks for themselves. Collectively, we give NewsWatch a 9.2 out of 10, the downside being smaller companies unable to manage this, but NewsWatch makes this project friendly and a great value for almost every company’s marketing dollar.

About NewsWatch

Since it’s 1989 debut, NewsWatch TV has aired more than 1000 episodes on more than 200 markets in the U.S. The 30-minute weekly Television show airs on AMC and ION Network. The award winning TV program showcases celebrity interviews, consumer news, mobile app reviews, PSAs, and much more.

Catch NewsWatch Mondays at 7am on AMC Network.

Securus Technologies Ensuring Law Enforcement Officers Have Access to Smart and Futuristic Investigative Tools

A company that wants to stay on the top of its niche has to adapt to the changing dynamics of the said sector continually. Securus Technologies, a leading correctional firm, has been able to retain its top position in the industry because of its versatility as a correctional firm. The company does not only provide inmate communication services but also offers governmental information management system and solutions as well as parolee tracking solutions. Moreover, Securus Technologies is also known for its advanced and futuristic investigative solutions that are known to help the law enforcement agencies to perform better.


The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies are affordable and reliable, and the best part is that company continues to add new services to their portfolio on a regular basis. Recently, Securus Technologies started the Anywhere Visit services with the help of video visitation facility is introduced. It means that the friends or the family members who want to visit the prison to meet with their inmate friend or relative doesn’t have to visit the prison, but can see and talk with the inmate through their PC or phone. It is a video communication service that is swift and affordable. It helps in saving time as well as money for the friends and family members of the inmates as they do not have to travel all the way to the prisons, which are mostly located away from the town.


Securus Technologies understand that safety and security is a concern these days and also knows that technology plays a huge role in limiting it. It is for this reason; Securus Technologies continue to develop new investigative tools to help the law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement officers who have used the company’s services are pleased with it and have also written letters to the company saying how well these products function.



Lime Crime

Queen of Unicorns herself Doe Deere has led an incredibly fascinating life. She has overcome adversity and rose to fame alongside her highly rated and successful cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Doe has a success story that is unlike any others. She gives people hope that if you want your dreams to come true that you need to create your own opportunities no matter where you come from or what your background is. Doe was born in Russia and grew up there. She moved to the United States at the young age of 17 and lived in New York City as a musician pursuing her biggest dream. While living in New York City, Crooklyn was her stomping grounds and where she spent most of her time. Doe even attended FIT in New York and majored in fashion design. Not knowing what her life would hold she couldn’t have chosen better since makeup and fashion always go hand in hand. Music was the touchstone of her future career. Doe even met her future husband in the band that they both were a part of. Later he continued to be not only her husband but her business partner as well.

From running her own temporary tattoo business in grade school to her multi-million dollar company now, doe has always known she was entrepreneurial. As a musician, she was able to understand and learn hands-on about marketing strategies as well as how to appreciate people who support you.

Doe focuses on encouraging young girls to follow their dreams as well as their heart. She believes that every person has something special about them. When you lock into what unique skill or passion that only you may have in the entire world you can blossom and rise to your potential. Doe wants young girls to ultimately believe in themselves and rise. You should always be yourself and find what you want to do. Doe attributes that above all else as the start of Lime Crime.

Lime Crime was born when Doe realized that the style she loved just wasn’t present in the makeup industry. While magazines and fashion were all focused on natural and nude colors, Doe wanted bright, vibrant, and unusual colors that called to her soul. She wanted to be able to show off her true style. In 2008 though finding those colors was impossible. When she realized that she could only find beige glosses and subtle pink she gave up the intense search and started to make them herself.

Doe was surprised and frankly unprepared as she realized that so many girls and women were craving the same looks and colors that she was. Lime Crime was an instant success because it catered to a demographic that until then was untapped.

Instantly profitable Lime Crime is a way for not only Doe but all women to express their love of colors and individuality. Makeup is an expression of your personality, and it is one of the first things that people see about you. Learn more:

Peace and Safety in the Society through Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been the leading company in the high tech business since time immemorial. The company has greatly contributed to the safety of the nation. Their major improvements especially in the detention world. The fear of relatives losing contact with their loved ones as a result of the separation is no longer there. Other relatives were afraid that their convicted relatives could end up hurt. The prisons have a bad criminal history.

To begin with, you no longer have to travel to see your inmate friends if you happen to be living far from the detention. Other relatives say that their daily schedules do not allow them to have time to visit the convicts. The inmates may feel abandoned, which might lead to remorsefulness. Such bitterness only makes the inmate worse.

Their programs that allow the relatives to call the inmates from their homes. This is a webcam call. The invention has brought the inmates and their relatives very close.

Regardless of the invention, some people prefer visiting the inmates in jail. Sometimes the long queues and the duration one take to see the inmate can be very annoying. This has changed with Securus Technologies. You can now call in advance and schedule a visit. Planning ensures that the visitation is on your terms and conditions.

Solving crimes can be done in many ways. Using technology to change the character of the convicts and producing better individuals is one effective way.

Communication gadgets in the correctional facilities are not the only means of helping in ensuring safety. The customers of the company have left very positive reviews. They say that phone calls monitoring gadgets have been very helpful in finding evidence against criminals.

Through Securus Technologies, the nation has achieved peace and safety. The customers can only hope to see more innovations from the company.


Working Alongside The Red Crescent Adds To The Success Of Luxury Real Estate Developer Hussain Sajwani

The luxury real estate industry has been notoriously difficult to navigate for many developers who have struggled to remain afloat through the ups and downs often experienced in this private sector. One developer who has remained afloat through the 2008 economic crash and other financial problems are Hussain Sajwani, the luxury real estate developer who foresaw the 2008 credit crisis. To avoid problems like those affecting his competitors, Hussain Sajwani developed an innovative approach to business allowing him to avoid the financial issues many of his fellow developers have been struck by. Learn more:


The DAMAC owner has built a fortune of more than $4 billion from his ventures in the luxury real estate and food services industries which has given the business partner of U.S. President Donald Trump the chance to indulge his philanthropic activities. The Hussain Sajwani family has become one of the leading donors to a number of good causes including an annual Ramadan clothing drive developed by both the United Arab Emirates Royal Family and the Red Crescent humanitarian organization. IN 2015 alone, Hussain Sajwani and his DAMAC Properties group provided enough funding to give clothes to more than one million children around the world.


Success seems to have become a habit for Hussain Sajwani with the partnership between DAMAC Properties and the Trump organization set fair for an even closer relationship in the coming decades. A deal is almost complete to construct two golf courses at DAMAC resorts bearing the Trump name with the second designed by Tiger Woods set to open early in 2018; Hussain Sajwani has already stated his desire to extend the business relationship he shares with President Donald Trump beyond the confines of the current contract.


Upon winning the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Donald Trump made clear his admiration for both Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties stating a deal worth $2 billion had been shelved until his term in The White House was completed. The founder of DAMAC has been plentiful in his praise of the U.S. President and believes an ongoing relationship with the New York real estate mogul will be beneficial for both parties in the future. Learn more:

Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Solve and Prevent Crimes

Securus Technologies Company is one of the few privately-held companies in the United States that work to sustain their business solutions in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. For more than two decades of experience, Securus Technologies Company has fulfilled their main purpose of becoming part of the solution to the problems facing their clients in the industry. This is perhaps the reason why they are upholding better business reviews in a manner that is not capacitated in the industry. Few companies in this world have the same business model as Securus Technologies Company in the correctional space.


Securus Technologies Company opened a facility review center that was open to all recommendations and commendations from their clients. This is one of the first sessions that will require their clients state their experience dealing in business with Securus Technologies Company in a manner that is not capacitated in the inmate industry. For those who are looking towards developing better business reviews, they can achieve their independent business capabilities in a manner that is not achieved in this industry. Securus Technologies Company has also shown the world that they are committed to their excellence when it comes to better business. For this reason, we are highlighting their solutions for a minority association capability.


The technology provided by Securus Technologies Company revolutionizes the correctional space with new business reviews for a better environment. If f you are looking towards solving some of these problems, ensure you uphold your independent business association procedures so that you amass your wealth for a brighter future. This is perhaps the reason why you will assimilate your activation procedures with Securus Technologies Company. Most of the reviews that came in place from clients stated that Securus Technologies Company is concerned about making the incarceration experience safer for the benefits of their clients.


Scott Rocklage Businesses Strategies

Scott Rocklage in the business sector he has always ensure that he thrives and deal in the health care administration. Due to the expertise and understanding that he has in the medical sector for more than 30 year boosted him to do more and accomplish a lot. His effort in working hard ensured that he became a partner at 5 AM Venture in the year 2003.

Later on, he was managing partner of the organization due to the commitment that he always showed while attending to clients but mostly his exceptional strategies is also another reason for him becoming a managing partner and even the CEO and Chairman of different pharmaceutical. Read more: Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

His skills also are due to him graduating from the University of California and attained B.S in chemistry. Furthermore, he went to MIT and also attained Ph.D. in chemistry.

Scott Rocklage impressive expertise also landed him a job in Nycomed whereby he acted as the CEO and the President of the organization. Furthermore, he was a board member of the organization which Rennovia, Epirus, Pulmatrix, and Ciara he made sure that these organizations have developed and be the best in the world.

His writing skills enabled him to write different books that he guides upcoming entrepreneurs on how to be successful in their business. In addition, his accomplishment is also the founding of 30 US bond and they have become successful. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: and

5 AM Ventures mainly venture in the capital and also through making a new organization that delivers exceptional revenues to their clients hence the organization develops.

The organization workers are well trained hence the services that they provide to the clients are better. In addition, the expertise which they have in the investment sector include operational, professionalism, scientific and financial.

Scott Rocklage through the values that he instigates in the organization like always fully serving the clients first before attending to other activity and staff members should all time create better bonding between them hence these will allow them to get along and reaching their daily target.

5 AM Ventures objective is to always ensure that they help other upcoming organization in the order they can be successful like them.

The qualifications and roles of Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is the name often used to refer to the one Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. His fame can be traced to his historical background as well as his own hard work as career businessman. He was born in 1955 in the State of Michigan. His father is the renowned Richard DeVos the co-established Amway’s. It is worth acknowledging his role as well as the experience he gained in the course of his service at the firm as the CEO. His main role at the firm involved overseeing the distribution of the goods and services to consumers. He served in this capacity from 1993 till 2002 when he left to pursue other things.

The onset of 2006, saw him compete as one of the candidates for the post of the Michigan’s Governor. However, Jennifer Granholm went on to win the seat for the second time as the incumbent. His father Richard DeVos went on to appear on Forbes as sixty-seventh richest person in America with a net worth of more than $ 5.1 billion.

The wife to Dick DeVos is Betsy DeVos who presently offers service as the 11th Education’s Secretary of the US.

In consideration of his academic achievements, he is a Northwood University’s graduate. His undergraduate was alongside the field of business administration. Later after his achievement on this, he attended the Harvard’s School of Business after which he pursued the Wharton School’s Administrative Study Programs. This adds up to his achievement of the honorary doctorates from the Central Michigan University, the Grove City College, and the Northwood University. As well, he also attained recognition alongside being the Northwood University’s exemplary alumni. Remarkably, he began his engagement in the family business at his tender age.

Additionally, the additional role of Dick DeVos is that of the President of the famous Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The Foundation is broadly known for executing a number of donations that are worth many millions of dollars. The donations often aid establishments of different categories and the company has been executing the role since its establishment in the year 1990.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship program was founded in 2008 with Dick DeVos and his wife as the initiators. The objective of the program is to provide aids to the students that originate from the developing nations to pursue their MBA, MS or the MA programs.

Visit to learn more about the foundation.

Daniel Taub Resigns after 4 Years of Honest Service as an Ambassador

Trade between the United Kingdom and Israeli doubled during the tenure of Ambassador Daniel Taub. In his tenure, Ambassador Taub has been able to foster significant deals in business, academics as well as cultural links between the two nations.

According to the British Secretary for Business Innovation, Sajid Javid, argues that the average grade between the two countries has entered its golden era. At least 300 Israeli businesses have set up operations in the United Kingdom. The bilateral trade agreements between the two nations have risen to an excess of $5.5 billion to over $7 billion.

Mr Taub was born in the U.K. before moving to Israeli. He was later appointed as the Israeli ambassador in U.K in 2011. What an interesting fact, representing your nation in your mother country. He has contributed so much to the development of the two nations. He has also been involved in a peace mission in the Northern Ireland, UK. Together with his Palestinian counterpart, they took it upon themselves to assess the situation from the ground and traveled to Ireland.

He also played a role in the integration of students from both different cultures other than the U.K. During an interview in 2012, Taub lamented about the state of some colleges and Universities. He advised administrators, lecturers, and stakeholders to ensure that the opinions from all students are respected.

Daniel Taub requested them to make sure that even the minority cultures like Israel are allowed to air their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without harassment or fear of intimidation. Mr. Taub gave these sentiments long before the largest student union in Brazil voted to have a total boycott of Israel.

Whereas many ambassadors are always at a crossroad on how to separate their own opinions from those of their countries, Mr. Taub has an easy way around it. To achieve this, he considers his position to try and convince people what Israeli people are and where the leadership of Israeli nation is. As such, it is never a situation of whose opinion it is.

Ambassador believes that the only way Israeli can achieve its vision is by partnering with other nations. Doing so will help the nation to seize various opportunities across the globe. He champions for the need of the United Kingdom Labor Party and the Labor Party in Israeli to find a common working ground.

He feels that the two parties exist to serve similar interests. These interests are these areas, belief in freedom of speech, the freedom to express yourself, respect to the rights of women and the minorities. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

The freedom of movement and the respect to life are his key concerns. He insists that U.K should not shy away from helping Israeli achieve progressive values. After all, these values are the same everywhere.

Learn more about Daniel Taub: