Jason Hope Makes A Contribution Of $0.5 Million On Ant-Aging Research

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He joined Arizona State University where he pursued a bachelors degree in finance and later joined W.P Carey School of Business for his master’s degree.

His career milestone began when he developed his Mobile Communication Company. He has always been focused on starting investments, biotechnology, and philanthropic work. During his free time, Jason Hope can be found either mentoring high school students or developing grants for entrepreneurs. He is also that individual whose interest is in politics and how it impacts businesses.

Jason Hope love and passion has seen him contribute significantly to his philanthropic mission. He believes that Aging can be reversed if correct measures are put into place. He acknowledges the natural process of aging, but he feels with research, aging can be slowed.

His approach towards aging was to enable people to enjoy life and live longer. He has donated his funds to organizations that share a mission like his. To transform the entire healthcare system. One of the organizations he has supported is SENS Foundation.

In December 2010, Jason Hope pumped a whopping $500 000 to SENS Foundation. This was meant to sensitize the public and enable them to access preventive aging technologies. He made public his contributions while he was at The San Francisco Palace of Arts in a Breakthrough Philanthropy Event.

SENS Foundation is dedicated to preventing aging and prevention of aging-related diseases by apply biotechnology. Their strategy entails the use of living organisms to create simulations. SENS Foundation has invested huge amounts of money to combat aging. It has also launched an initiative that will help change perceptions on how the world researches and treat the elderly.

Audrey de Grey, the CEO of SENS Foundation, is also a philanthropist. He feels that the amount Jason has pumped into SENS Foundation will help on researching artery cell protein bonding. This will not only prevent diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure but also prevent aging.

Jason Hope believes that diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer can completely be treated or prevented if proper mechanisms are put in place.

He praised the work being done by SENS Foundation and endorsed their strategy of doing research. He further permitted the development of Research Laboratories in the United Kingdom.

Hope believes that this continuous research will bring tremendous revolution in the healthcare industry and benefit the entire human race. He urges everyone to come up and support philanthropic activities since they are going to better human dynasties.

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Kevin Seawright’s Personal Quest For Affordable Urban Housing

Founder and Managing Partner Kevin Seawright of RPS Solutions in Baltimore has taken on the immense task of increasing the home-ownership rate in the city until it matches the Maryland state-wide home-ownership rate. Seawright established RPS Solutions in 2015 specifically to tackle the problem of creating enough affordable housing for Baltimore’s residents. To further their goal, RPS partnered with NCST, a non-profit organization that rehabilitates vacant properties and safely demolishes homes that are not salvageable. RPS also rehabilitates and constructs homes. When Seawright appeared on the Larry Young Morning Show in Baltimore, he stressed that homeowners help create stable communities. One success Seawright is especially proud of is when RPS helped Jerel Brown, who was shut out of the housing market despite being a Baltimore City Housing Department. More about of Kevin Seawright at Phillypurge.com

Prior to his founding RPS Solutions, Seawright was an executive VP and CFO for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. His background in project management, finance and education in the public and private sector made Seawright the ideal choice to spur development in the community. Other previous positions Seawright held include strategic partner Tito Contractors in Washington, D.C., deputy COO of education for the City of Baltimore and CFO for Baltimore’s Department of Recreation and Parks.

In order to serve the public better, Kevin Seawright has been attending the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business’ Nonprofit Fund Development Program. He has already completed Leading Nonprofit Boards, the second installment of the program, where he earned a Certificate of Achievement, which is awarded to participants who excelled in the installment. Seawright also earned an MBA from Almeda University in 2006.

Kevin Seawright is a member of numerous professional associations, including the National Forum for Black Public Administrators, the American Society for Public Administration and the National Association of Black Accountants.

More Business News: http://alivenewspaper.com/2017/08/kevin-seawright-sees-big-things-for-new-jersey-real-estate-as-economy-grows/


Dr. Saad Saad On The Future Of The Medical Industry And How He Helps His Patients

 Dr. Saad Saad, pediatric surgeon, recently sat down for an interview that details his career, his thoughts on the medical industry, and the lessons he learned along the way. His answers are insightful, and shows how Dr. Saad Saad really values each and every patient.

The most important part of his day is the morning. He starts it off on a healthy foot, so he can stay alert, productive, and happy throughout the day. Dr. Saad Saad eats a healthy breakfast free of any fat and sugar. This fuels his next activity, which is exercise. Read more:  Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

He absolutely loves to walk or ride his bike everyday. It does not matter if it’s raining or sunny, he’s going to get some physical exercise. The pediatrician also enjoys skiing in the winter when the snow has fallen.

Looking at the medical field, Dr. Saad Saad is concerned. Doctors are not being paid or rewarded nearly enough, and the work is grueling. He also thinks that medical is only going to get more expensive, rather than more affordable. Learn more about Dr. Saad: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad

The pediatrician’s honest answers come from working almost 50 years in the industry. He knows it through and through. He recommends other doctors to find a good mentor and don’t spread yourself too thin. If you do, then you will burn out and not want to work anymore. You have to look at the long run.

Dr. Saad Saad attributes his mindset to his mentor, which he met in pediatric school back in the late 1970’s. In Charleston, South Carolina, the budding doctor received invaluable advice that he took to heart. Dr. H.Biemann Othersen taught Saad Saad to value each patient with the same amount of care as the next.

He also learned to be honest and upfront with each patient and their families. Having confidence in his abilities has given the pediatrician many great opportunities in his career. Some of the most challenging procedures gave him the confidence when he would accomplish them with success. The top procedure would be removing foreign objects from children.

This includes buttons, coins, and peanuts when they get stuck in the windpipe or food pipe. He has learned a lot from his patients in the process of helping them, and it is patience. This is especially needed when working with children.

They have a very hard time staying still and do not always understand what is going on. Being at a hospital may scare them, but Dr. Saad Saad reasures them he will take great care of them.

Betsy Devos: Excellence in School Safety and Education

With the rise of school shootings in 2018, much of the Trump administration was in a shock on how to handle the situation. When Betsy Devos was appointed to lead the school safety reform movement, she made sure that security officials visited public schools and determined new policies that would ensure the safety of students, without the use of guns on campus.


Devos has been working with education leaders throughout the country ahead of the 2018-2019 school season. Much of the new policies deal with additional security and protocols around certain activities and student behaviors, while others deal with routine drills to help students feel safer. So far, those security measures seem to be working.


However, Devos’ main campaign is for educational choice. It has been her passion for most of her life, and despite what critics say about her not having the experience, she has been in education reform since it started in the 1980s with the Reagan Administration. Devos has said that previous administrations haven’t helped the movement. In fact, she doesn’t agree with Common Core or “No Child Left Behind” have solved any of the problems with America’s schools.


She does believe that educational choice can be the answer, although she also believes that many people don’t understand how it works. Most of her critics are teachers who say that she wants to use public funding for private schools, but Devos says that just isn’t the case. She believes that philanthropy has been the main driving force, and it’s due to her own foundation that many of the reforms have gone through in Michigan.


In an interview with “60 Minutes” early in 2018, Devos expressed that she felt she had achieved some success in Louisiana and Florida. Lesley Stahl had asked some tough questions about what the state of her programs were at this point, and if she thought that any were successful. With only two years in office, it’s hard to say if the programs will have long-term permanence.


However, Devos forges on, stating that Florida is probably the greatest measure of success. The state has the most educational choice options for students to choose from. Kids can go to private school, magnet programs, charter schools, virtual schools, and homeschooling programs. Devos says that all of this is supposed to help students go to better schools, rather than being stuck in a failing school.


Since starting her campaign, Devos has given several interviews where she has stated that philanthropy has been the main driver for educational reform in this country. Her backers include Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Sam Walton, and her own family foundation. She has donated an estimated $139 million through the Devos Family Foundation so far.


When asked, what inspires her to continue educational reform, she says that her mother has always been an inspiration, as well as American students.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, Partners With ClassDojo To Create A Critical Thinking App And Launch A World-Ready Generation Of Ethical Problem-Solvers

Elon Musk, the founder, product architect and CEO of Tesla, is also the creator and launcher of his own innovative, modern and non-traditional educational system. The CEO and parent is now aligning his efforts with the widely applied ClassDojo software system, already in place in K-8 classrooms across the U.S.

ClassDojo with its mission to build community within the classroom, by interweaving parents, teachers and kids into the process of learning, is a positive and enriching platform that allows teachers to track kids’ work. Meanwhile, student-users can proudly display and share their most memorable classroom moments with their families.

Now, with Classdojo’s help, Elon Musk is creating an app that will help younger students, by engaging their critical faculties and assisting them in the development of crucial ethical and moral dilemma-solving capabilities, tools which Musk believes’ to be imperative for a generation that will face heretofore unforeseen challenges, such as how to best fit artificial intelligence into the mainstream of our lives.

The new app is set to pose ethics-specific conondrums, which are not the usual scholastic fare. By posing real-life questions to young students via the app, Musk proposes to institute ground up change in the classroom. Yet, with ClassDojos eye-appealing packaging and colorful animation, the questions remain non-threatening, kid-friendly, and therefore part of the positive culture that is the mantra of ClassDojo.

The pairing works well. One question that speaks to the larger issue of property rights, uses a visually appealing cartoon, asking kids to imagine a scenario where a dinosaur has appeared on someone’s land. Who does the find actually belong to is the open-ended question, posed by the app. Colorful balloons instruct kid-users to listen, decide and reflect.

Although the conundrums are firstly exercises in critical thinking, they are also tools to explore communication skills as well. Students are reminded of the need to be respectful of others opinions, to stay open-minded and understand that there is no one right answer to any of the posed conundrums. It might be said that Elon Musk and ClassDojo are not only creating an app, but launching world-ready students.

Roseann Bennett’s Rise To The Top


Using a sound code of ethics to fuel her drive, Roseann Bennett employed her entrepreneurial inclinations to pioneer her nonprofit mental health agency, the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Bennett’s inspiration for the Center for Assessment and Treatment was to arm all individuals with a safe and affordable outlet for mental care. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Roseann Bennett is well versed in her vocation. Unfortunately, her many years of industry experience opened Bennett’s eyes to one startling reality: the wait for mental care treatment spanned anywhere from six to nine months.


Wholly disheartened by this unacceptable revelation, Roseann Bennett vowed to reshape the mental health care landscape by instituting a much-needed change. The Center for Assessment and Treatment strives to expedite the process, ensuring that everyone is afforded the help they require. What’s more, Bennett felt compelled to formulate an organization that catered to individuals from all walks of life. From the penniless to the opulent, Bennett promised to serve all while “paying special attention to those who are disenfranchised or marginalized by their community.” Operating as a charitable organization, the Center for Assessment and Treatment treats and supports diverse individuals. View More Information Here.


As a wildly successful entrepreneur, Roseann Bennett is often asked to divulge her pearls of wisdom. According to Bennett, the savviest approach one can take to their business pursuits is “beginning conservatively.” When Bennett embarked on her venture, she states that she used furniture from her home to furnish the Center for Assessment and Treatment. With that said, Roseann Bennett was willing to go to great lengths and sacrifice her personal belongings for the sake of running a well-oiled organization. Bennett also urges budding entrepreneurs to never lose sight of their dreams, an outlook that she perpetually upholds.


More about Bennett on http://www.fivehundo.com/roseann-bennett/



US Money Reserve Wins Major Award for Second Consecutive Year

The precious metals distributor US Money Reserve has been named the recent winner of the AdSphere Awards. For the second consecutive year, US Money Reserve won this highly prestigious award. Each year, companies are given recognition for their performance in direct response television marketing.

US Reserve was able to distinguish itself from other companies in couple of major categories. These include infomercials and short form products. By receiving this major award, US Money Reserve has once again proved itself as a very successful company.

After winning two AdSphere Awards, the leadership of US Money Reserve was very pleased. The chief executive officer of US Money Reserve Angela Koch expressed a great deal of satisfaction with her company and staff. She said that a lot of the credit goes to the company’s production, marketing and media teams. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.bizjournals.com/austin/cotm/detail/545/US_Money_Reserve and http://epodcastnetwork.com/u-s-money-reserve/

They all worked very hard to put together effective marketing campaigns during the past year. Koch also said that the company strives to market itself very effectively and promote its brand on a regular basis. The company always looks to use creativity to appeal to its audience on a consistent basis.

Each year the AdSphere Awards are given to companies that demonstrate excellence and proficiency in marketing. Businesses that market themselves well through direct response television are considered and awarded for their efforts. AdSphere evaluates over 7,000 businesses each year to determine who wins the awards they are looking to give. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards and US Money Reserve | Facebook

During the year, businesses are evaluated on over 100 categories and therefore must meet a considerable amount of criteria to win the awards. The top awards are given to businesses that display excellence in generating leads, short form products and also putting together quality infomercials. With this amount of criteria, any business that wins just one award has a lot to be proud of.

US Reserve is a company that specializes in providing precious metals to consumers. The company provides metals in gold, silver and platinum materials. Consumers can purchase a wide range of coins, bars and bullion from the company.

With the product line offered, customers of US Money Reserve are able to add key assets to their investment portfolio. These precious metals have helped numerous investors diversify their holdings and build wealth.

US Reserve also provides educational materials and support for its customers. The education and support helps these customers get the latest news and developments in the precious metals market.

Achievements of OSI Group in the Food Supply Industry

Majority of the world’s top brands usually regard OSI Group and the leading food supplier across the globe. The company is one of the largest private companies in America and has been making annual sales of over $6.1 billion. It was started in 1909 as a meat butchery based in Chicago. It was a retail outlet helping their clients access cheaper meat products. With time the small business became a family business and was named Otto & Sons. The company has a global network and has managed to open offices in more than 17 countries. They have also managed to operate over 65 facilities with over 20,000 employees who are directly employed by OSI Group.

OSI Group has a great appetite for growth and has continued to open more plants so that they can continue catering to the rising demand for their products. They have modern equipped that endures quicker processing as well as quality products that meet customers satisfaction. Their products are fish, poultry products, vegetables, pizza, beef patties, and sausages among many others. The company has a team of group leaders who are well versed with the company’s policies.

OSI Group has been able to continue with research as well as the implementation of ideas that lead to its growth. They have managed to incorporate Baho Food so that the can complement their strength in the industry. They also have a tech-savvy team that helps them keep on upgrading depending on how the customer’s needs are evolving. They, therefore, have to keep on identifying the products that are good for customers use. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

The idea of food security must be taken very carefully and the company has been able to embrace the modern technology that has made things move in a smooth manner. The technology will enhance safety as well as proper ways of preserving these foods. Delivering of quality foods is one of the missions of OSI Group. They are always dedicated to nothing else but quality services.

Considering that food is a sensible product, the company has also enhanced hygiene as well as improving their client’s health by making sure that what they supply as per the required standard. Today, they have managed to penetrate to over 17 countries across the entire globe. They also operate so many facilities and are also continuing to acquire some of the biggest food businesses across the globe. This has enabled them to study the customer’s taste through acquire an already existing venture.

What Charlamagne Tha God thinks About Eminem’s Kamikaze Album


Social media influencer and Breakfast club Radio co-host Charlamagne Tha God found himself in a tight spot on Friday when he reacted to Eminem’s Kamikaze album. During his show on the radio, Charlamagne started by addressing a cipher by Eminem called Ringer. In the rap lines, Eminem calls out Charlamagne. The exact words read ‘Charlamagne gonna hate anyway doesn’t matter what I say’…The rap came after Charlamagne said Revival was terrible. In a bid to defend himself, he said Eminem too thought Revival was bad. He justified this claim by saying that is why he released the Kamikaze album. However, he added that being dissed by Eminem was actually a good thing and that he didn’t see it as a diss in the first place.


As the discussion on the songs in the album went on, the trio at 105.1 pointed out the Tyler the Creator line. According to Charlamagne Tha God, Eminem was disrespectful to the gay community as a whole. In an interview with esquire.com, Charlamagne said he doesn’t think Eminem cares about offending the LGBTQ community. He, however, made it clear that he was not specifically offended by the words used, owing to his upbringing.


Known at birth as Lenard Larry McKelvey, Charlamagne Tha God was born in 1978 at Charleston in South Carolina. As a teenager, McKelvey was arrested twice and was charged for possession with intent to distribute marijuana and cocaine. Shortly after that he witnessed a shooting and found himself in jail again. Before being on Breakfast Club, he had hosted alongside TV show host Wendy Williams.


Charlamagne said he didn’t have a problem with Eminem calling out President Trump. In fact, he loves it when white people use their privilege to fight injustice. He added that Eminem’s rant about Trump was a timely occurrence since everyone is talking about trump now. Find Additional Information Here


Despite his criticism, Charlamagne made it clear that he loved the Kamikaze album and emphasized that he considered Eminem ‘a living legend and a rap God.


Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/charlamagne-tha-god



What Does Softbank’s Acquisition Mean For Fortress Investment Group?

In 1998, several finance industry experts led by Wes Edens, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone came together and set up Fortress Investment Group. They would spend the next two decades cultivating this dream and growing the company into one of the largest alternative investment groups globally.

During this time, they had to overcome various odds that included being the first private equity firm to trade shares publicly. It also had to fight hard to overcome the imminent threat to its survival posed by the real estate market crash in 2008. The independence that the company has long enjoyed however came to a pause in 2017 when Japan-based Softbank expressed an interest to acquire the firm.

The acquisition

After close to two decades of active involvement in the finance industry, Fortress Investment group management accepted an acquisition request from Japan’s leading investor, Softbank. To facilitate the deal, Softbank had to part with $3.3 Billion, most which were used to buy the company shares. The purchase meant that the company effectively delists from the stock exchange. But what does the acquisition means to the company founders and why would Softbank, a technologically oriented financier, express interest in a hedge fund?

What next after purchase

Contrary to earlier speculations about the fate of Fortress Fund after the acquisition, nothing much is expected to change with regards to its management or mode of operation. The partners will continue running the investment firm as Softbank’s independent outpost. Most importantly, the firm’s investment strategies remain intact and so do clients and their deposits.

Additionally, Fortress gets to maintain its New York headquarters as the center of its operations. Softbank will only play an oversight role in the company’s continued progress as compliment the founder’s efforts in making the company that currently boasts of over $40 billion assets under management even more successful.

Why purchase Fortress

In its forty years of existence, Softbank has only concentrated in financing digital and technology startups. The past few years have, however, seen the company embrace a more aggressive investment strategy that saw it inject more capital into non-technological but promising brands, a case in point Fortress investment group.

According to Softbank founder, Masayoshi Son, the company is on a mission of becoming one of the largest investment firms in the world. Taking over Fortress Investment Group, therefore, goes a long way in pushing them a step closer towards realizing this goal.

Bottom line

The success of Softbank is now intertwined with that of Fortress investment group. And while it promises to keep their hands-off the management of the alternative investment company, you can bet the banker will do all that is necessary to keep push company’s success and bottom line upwards, and that includes bringing more clients the Fortress way as well as more friendly investment policies.