Jeremy Goldstein of the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is among the board directors of the Fountain House. He joined the board in 2010. Fountain House was started in New York in 1948 with the trust of human beings living with mental illness can make a significant impact in the community and their lives. He was involved in the setting of two dinner functions alongside his colleagues. In these events, they were able to raise 56,000 dollars where it goes directly to an organisation which addresses the lifestyle of people with mental illness. Mental illness has become a worldwide epidemic, and Fountain House has made it an obligation to look for jobs to those suffering from the sickness.


The first dinner was held on May at the rooftop of Nomad Hotel thus attracting a massive crowd to the fundraising event. They were offered lots of wine vintages and much more stuff. The second dinner which was held on the last day of May was more or less like a follow-up of the first event. Other than employment, Fountain House also enrols their members in programmes relating to housing, education and health.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates which is a law firm that advises management teams, business committees and Chief Executive Officers. Jeremy Goldstein has worked with some corporate deals in the past ten years thus becoming one of the best executive attorneys in compensation matters in the USA. He has worked with corporations such as Verizon Wireless/ALLTEL Corporation, SBC Communication Inc./AT&T Corp. and several others. He holds an M.A, B.A and J.D. from the University of Chicago, Cornel University and New York University respectively.


The idea of coming up with JLG Associates was as a result of conflicts in matters of interest and the sense of the market in executive compensation consulting. Before owning a law firm, he was a partner of a giant law firm. Jeremy tends to make his days productive by advising his clients about their careers and pay and asking them to avoid shortcuts and dedicate themselves. Jeremy Goldstein writes and speaks about corporate governance from time to time and is also an advisor of the NYU Journal of Law & Business.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, the better one knows his clients, the better advice that one can give to them. Jeremy advises other lawyers and consultants to try as much as possible to have the new and updated technology in the field.


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Guilherme Paulus: Mindset for Success

Guilherme Paulus is a successful entrepreneur that runs CVC Brasil Operadora and GJP Hotels and Resorts. The former is a tour company while the later is a group of hotels/resorts located in Brazil. It important to note that up to the point of this article, Guilherme Paulus is recognized as one of the most influential business persons in the county.

In the earlier days, Guilherme Paulus had a business partner by the name of Vicente Cerchiari. Mr. Paulus attributes the business idea for the tour company to Mr. Cerchiari, but states that the business really started soaring to new heights after he went solo. Visit:


Now that we’ve covered a couple of the corporate bases, let’s have a look at the attributes that come together to form such a successful person. Guilherme Paulus believes heavily in gratitude as it builds appreciation and anticipation, and he also plans and records his schedule weekly to help him stay on top of all he needs to get done. He believes that it is necessary to have faith in new ideas so one can gain the confidence to take a risky first step to bring these ideas to life.

Guilherme Paulus is an advocate for the constant use and development of technology. In fact, his tour company, CVC was one of the earliest to leverage Google Terminals. Along with an avid belief in and passion for technology, Guilherme is an advocate for investment as he sees investing as simply the best way to spend money as it works for the investor in the future.

As we can see here, Guilherme Paulus may be a name that is synonymous with success, but what drove the steps he took to get there and what will continue to drive the moves he makes is a set of core principles that he abides by in his life.

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Sunday Riley creates ingredients that boost your health and beauty

Did you know that matcha tea is an essential ingredient for your health and beauty? The ingredient that is known widely for its stimulating properties is an essential part of the Japanese culture. With the help of the emerging trend of beauty-meets-health, matcha tea has gained fame in the new regimens. That is because its biological properties get their niche in the healthcare and beauty products.

The ingredient comes with great strength with antimicrobial and energizing properties that are incorporated through an effective cure for skin and hair. The elements utilize extracts from green tea to soothe and diminish the appearance and redness for a calm and gentle skin. The tea is available in bright green powered, blended into a warm creamy drink which contains high-level caffeine. It also comes with a high content of bioflavonoids and antioxidants.

Matcha tea is equivalent to ten cups of the usual brewed tea. The reason why the drink has gained tremendous fame is that of its antioxidants EGCG capabilities. As a beverage, matcha green tea offers numerous health benefits if used regularly. However, make sure you do not consume pre-made tea, sugary mixtures that contain matcha since it will offset the medicinal properties. To get optimal benefits, never drink excess caffeine from matcha.

Nevertheless, matcha is not the only superfood available. Avocado has come to be in the ingredient of captivation as a beauty enhancing product. The fruit has created a name for itself as a natural, delicious and cruelty-free element for toast topping and also in salads. The ingredient is rich in vitamins, making it ideal for the emerging fashions in the beauty business. Riley integrated this amazing superfood in their beauty products with the Luna Sleeping Night Oil. The overnight treatment which is a mixture of cold extracts of grape seeds and avocado with retinol makes the skin soft, smooth and bright

Richard Liu Had a Great Delivery System at

Fortune has recognized Richard Liu as a great leader by listing him on a list with other great leaders. Liu would be 48th on the list. Liu has been awarded for various professional achievements while holding the position of CEO of the company he founded, Liu’s leadership help become the largest retailers in China in regards to the revenue made. He implemented a good delivery system and used quality products, and it helps in the growth of is considered a leader of their industry because of Liu’s leadership. China’s e-commerce was quite successful, and it was influenced by the success of

Liu earned his college education from People’s University in China. He also received an Executive Master of Business Administration at China Europe International Business. Liu has great professional success as a CEO. Liu still finds the time to be a delivery person at least one day out of the year.

Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group was founded over two decades ago. Over the years, the company has become the best employer in the United States, with over 900 employees worldwide. At its inception, Fortress Investment Group began as just a private equity firm but it went public during the New York Stock Exchange of 2007.

The company has therefore gained experience and expertise over a number of areas in the finance and investment industry. Some of the areas where Fortress has shown a lot of expertise include those of both physical and financial assets in the United States.

This has seen the company collaborate with a number of organizations for whom they handle their assets and try to make the most out of them. As the company grew, the management saw the need for expansion into other continents such as Africa and the Middle East.

The expansion has so far been successful upon the opening of a number of offices in the two continents. However, the main source of revenue for the Fortress Investment Group so far has been the private equity funds as well as credit funds.

Another area where the company has continually shown its prowess is that concerning mergers as well as acquisition. Over the years, Fortress has been involved in the purchase of a number of companies with the main aim of helping the companies improve themselves.

One of the co-founders, Wes Edens, and his team have been in the past made headlines for the purchase of major companies such as mortgage lenders as well as prime lenders. Fortress does not in any way try to change the structure of those companies even though they operate under the management of Fortress. For a number of years, purchase of companies was the main source of revenue for Fortress Investment Group until competition became quite stiff.

Fortress also specializes in operations and portfolio management for different companies. All employees of the organizations have been equipped with skills that are aimed at helping them during their interactions with other companies so that they can understand the various industries which they may deal with in the future. In 2017, a Japanese company acquired Fortress for $3.3 billion. Despite the purchase, the executives of Fortress would still retain their positions.

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The Success of Guilherme Paulus in the Tourism Industry

Guilherme Paulus is an associate developer of CVC Brasil. This is an esteemed tour guide operator whose origin is in São Paulo. It was in 1972, when Guilherme Paulus at the age of 24 years, together with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, who was a Brazilian politician, started the venture.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in São Paulo. In college, he pursued a course in business administration and worked for IBM as an intern before he was even 20 years old. He worked so hard in every venture he took up and after some time, he was able to grow the company into Latin America’s most influential tour operator firm. Under his leadership, the company was able to attract a global private company, Carlyle group that purchased 63.9% stake in CVC in the year 2009. What started as a small travel agency was later grown into desirable heights.

In 2005, Guilherme Paulus started GJP Hotels and Resort. His belief in coming up with new solutions every time he spots an opportunity has born him nothing short of great fruits. CVC is currently looking out for the chance to grow and incorporate online vendors with the physical travel agencies in order to expand more. His desire to expand has created not only employment but has also aided in the development of other businesses in different areas.

Guilherme has a philanthropic aspect. He never wavers in supporting the community. CVC is actively a supporter of PIET project, a charitable organization that sensitizes young people through training grooming them to be leaders in the tourism field. Guilherme Paulus desires, to create a new lot of entrepreneurs who will eventually make a change in Brazil and Latin America at large. Still, under his able leadership, CVC provides free medical care education chances and psychological counseling services as it partners with Dr. Klaide Care and Education Institution in Santo André

Guilherme has received multiple awards and honors by different governments throughout the world. In 2002 the government of France honored him for his immense contribution to the travel industry. He has also received the personality of the year award by the prestigious magazine Viagem e Turismo of Editora Abril among others.

To know more click: here. Partnering with Hasbro to Promote Bumblebee

After more than eleven years, Bumblebee is finally getting his own solo movie. The movie would serve as a prequel to the Transformers movie franchise, and based on the trailers uploaded online, the story will revolve on the life of Bumblebee in 1987 California after he met Charlie, a teenage girl played by Hailee Steinfeld. The movie would focus on the relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee, and how the two would develop a unique friendship and how they would face the challenges along the way. Fans have also noted that the trailer for Bumblebee featured some of the classic characters from the 90’s cartoon, and how the original Volkswagen design for Bumblebee was featured in the film. Bumblebee is the sixth installment in the Transformers movie franchise, and it was widely released in 2018.

The movie will also be shown in China, and several companies have already inked partnership deals with Hasbro to promote the movie. renewed their partnership contract with Hasbro, and they are looking forward to promoting the movie to the Chinese audience. The two companies have an initial partnership in 2017, coinciding with the release of the franchise’s fifth movie, Transformers: The Last Knight. This year, the partnership between the two companies will involve a huge promotional day for Bumblebee related products, wherein shoppers will be entitled to discounts. Those who will be purchasing their orders online would also have the chance to buy a Red Knight action figure, a fictional character created by that was released back in 2017. The action figure exhibits great detail, and people who are buying it are saying that the action figure is a collectible material. Red Knight first appeared in 2017, as uploaded short flicks depicting character. Red Knight will be featured again this year, as plans to upload three short films featuring the character.

Hasbro and continued their partnership, and the American company stated that their partnership with the largest Chinese e-commerce company usually gives them a huge profit, and they are expecting that the partnership this year will exceed previous records. assures Hasbro that they will be outperforming their previous sales record since a lot of Chinese people love Bumblebee.

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David McDonald Is A Company Man And A Family Man

Mr. David McDonald began his career at OSI Group as a project manager. Today, he serves as the President of the global organization. The company supplies food products that most of us consume on a regular basis. They distribute a variety of meat and other food items to grocery stores and food service companies in 17 countries. The company plans to continue its expansion around the world, and David and CEO Sheldon Lavin are actively pursuing new opportunities to reach their expansion goals.  View David McDonald’s profile at Linkedin.

The company recently acquired Baho Food as part of its European expansion. The Dutch firm was active in 18 countries, including the Netherlands and Germany, at the time of the transaction. David McDonald leads a staff of 20,000 employees globally. There are currently 67 food production plants in the US, Canada, and the EU. David holds a seat on the Board of the North American Meat Institute. This is the largest association in the industry.

David McDonald was raised in Iowa on a farm, and he attended Iowa State University. Upon graduation, he was hired by OSI Group, and David has been there ever since. He eventually took over as President, and he is now on the executive committee of a US company that ranks #63 as one of the Forbes 2018 largest private firms. The company’s revenue for the year was $6.1 billion.

OSI Group was founded in Illinois in 1909. Its first location was in Oak Park, and currently the company headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald has deep heartfelt roots to Iowa and his Midwestern upbringing. As an alumni of Iowa State, he supports the school with generous funding. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. David started at the company in 1987.

David is the father of six children. He is active with their Church and with activities in the community. He also enjoys attending events at Iowa State University, and he enjoys his free time with his children.



The Writing Career of Ted Bauman

Among the many careers that people explore and discuss, writing is left out. Many curious investors want to venture in the writing industry, and they are wondering how the life of a writer/blogger is like and seeking inspiration. Well, if this you, worry not because there is Ted Bauman who has been writing for Banyan Hills Publishing.

Ted Bauman says that this is the best time in his career. He explains that being a writer gives him a chance to explore his interests and at the same time get a chance to help others. His objective is to protect the entrepreneurs from government regulations and greed of big corporations. He, however, says that despite not being a fan of government regulations, he is excited because business people are slowly becoming aware of the regulations and even questioning the global economy.

Ted Bauman has a solid financial background. Ted Bauman has a degree in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town. He says that his time in South Africa significantly contributed to his writing career because when he came back in the USA, he had a lot of valuable ideas to share. It, therefore, didn’t take him long to attract an audience. He also credits his success to his father who was in the financial industry for a long time. People knowing his father’s name gave them some confidence and trust in his work. He was, however, inspired to venture in writing by his love to help people by expanding their knowledge in his industry. His dream is to progress in his writing career and acquire more followers.

When asked how he makes money, Bauman says that his work needs him to think critically. He admits it can become tough when discussing ordinary topics like asset protection. To spice and encourage his readers, he uses real-life examples for them to relate.

Ted Bauman says that one lesson that he has learned in his career is time management. He says that as much as he may not have mastered the total concept of time management, he knows the hours his most productive and see that he focuses on writing in these hours.

How Is Eric Lefkofsky Changing The Medical And Research World’s?

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Labs as a way to sequence and collect data for medical research. This company is working to make all the research available to doctors and researchers, and they are growing their catalog every day with help from different research studies that occur around the world.

1. What Is Tempus Labs?

Tempts Labs is really a technology company that wants to have a digital home for all the information that they are trying to save. They believe that a catalog of all the medical and research data will help people access certain sequences, read about the results that have been had in the past, and check on the data that might be needed to continue to another line of research.

2. Who Is Eric Lefkofsky?

Eric Lefkofsky co-founded the company when he was looking at unique ways to treat diseases. He knew that researchers needed the most timely and accurate research information, and he believed that a library of all this data could make their lives much easier. He is looking at making the catalog open to all researchers, and he is reaching out to new researchers every day to sequence their data.

3. Why Does Tempus Labs Matter?

Eric Lefkofsky has filled a gap in the research market. People can come to this company at any time for help with particular molecular data, and they could submit their own molecular data when they have completed a new round of research. It makes sense for people to work with Tempus Labs because they have a simple digitizing program, and Eric Lefkofsky has done all the fundraising work to make the catalog grow. He is an expert in this field, and he is using his business sense to keep the company healthy.

4. Conclusion

Eric Lefkofsky is a very good executive who is working on changing how people get the information they need for medical breakthroughs. Someone who wants to work on a piece of medical research or needs to find molecular data can come to Tempus Labs as they are growing the largest catalog of these things in the world.

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